Thanatos is DEAD!

Thanatos is DEAD!

The moment that Thanatos finally crashed, my awareness of the world came back to me. Something wasn’t right. I knew it, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it. He’d been sitting at Carl’s computer and had a number of websites open, including Facebook of all places. I’m not sure who this Sandra Dee is, or Richard Munch, but he had their pages open. It would also seem that he had hacked their email accounts as well.

The only thing the two had in common was that they both had the clap. That’s unfortunate. I closed out of the email accounts and moved the computer back into normal operation before I relinquished to Carl.

Somehow, strangely, I got control again the next day. I knew that I needed to start performing damage control as well. Carl had contacted Cassandra, trying to determine how everything was. She began ranting about Carl being a monster, how he’d ruined her life and killed her father. She said that she planned on destroying Carl and everything he stood for and then hung up.

He’d not been able to get in touch with her again, and he spent the rest of the day staring at the ceiling. Apparently, he’d really cared for her. I knew he’d get over it eventually, but as she was his first real girlfriend, and the first girl he’d ever even kissed, it might be a while.

Personally, I knew it was almost too good to be true. It was a one in a million lucky occurrence. Fate had given him a glimpse of bliss and taken it away. Well, more specifically, Carl’s fumbling had done him in. He should have tried harder to continue the wooing. More time spent, more thought filled gifts, more personal attention and a listening ear.

Cassandra had video of us changing. So, I went and found the cameras, and when I tracked them back to the source, they lead back to the computer…Carl’s own computer. Suddenly, I knew that Thanatos had betrayed us, and if he’d betrayed us, who were closer to him than family, then I feared for the rest of the group.

The Geist and Black Phantom were both busy when I tried to reach them, so I sent a copy of the video that had been sent to Cassandra. I BCC’ed Gerrick as well. I included my assumption that it was Thanatos, even if I had no proof. I didn’t trust him, especially since I couldn’t see anything he was doing. This wouldn’t end well for someone, and I just hoped that Savior came out on top.

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