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April 9th, 2024

Is Brisby Flats Truly Stronger than Yesterday?




Late last evening, if you were in Brisby Flats, you would have heard the retro-refrains of “I’m Stronger than Yesterday.”  The newly outed “Quazy” from the Centurion-Class S.A.V.I.O.R. was seen flitting from street to street, patrolling with another flying being surrounded by a blue glow, most confidently identified as her brother, “Zeau,” also from S.A.V.I.O.R..  She carried a top-of-the-line set of speakers, blasting a playlist of songs of empowerment while she intervened in crimes, especially in cases of robbery and assault.

In response to the smear campaigns launched against S.A.V.I.O.R., several of them have taken to the streets to improve their image.  Though they are fighting an uphill battle, what with the recent bank debacle, followed by the home invasion ninja murders, many of their efforts are returning fruits.

Several witnesses said much the same thing, regarding Ms. Quazy and Mr. Zeau’s sortie.  They arrived within the first moments of a conflict, whereupon Quazi would brush the most apparent victim with her tail.  The anointed would then show considerable power and skill, and overcome their assailant(s), manifesting temporary super powers.  The two supers would then drop a statuette of the Guardian of Copernicous and fly off before the dust had settled on the scene, proclaiming a phrase that has since been all over several Social Media outlets, as well as tagged on corporate offices and police precincts across Brisby Flats and Midtown.  “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH.”  Taking to Twitter – the posts then being cloned to several other services such as Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook – Quazy posted an explanation;

“WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH!  For far too long have the just suffered at the hands of the vile, the selfish, or unjust.  This super being calls to all of the downtrodden and forgotten to say ‘NO!’ ‘ENOUGH!’  Do not let them tell you what you’re worth.  You are more than they can imagine!”

This particular guerrilla-advertising-style foray into the Flats seems to have improved the public’s opinion of them, though the local Emergency Rooms and Precincts of CSPD seem to be feeling the backlash, both from victims and the overly-brave.  Vigilantism has increased almost 9% overnight and while many of the vigilantes have been lucky so far, a few were not when their abilities left them unexpectedly vulnerable to those they were attacking.  Still, chronic victims have started rising up against their oppressors again, emboldening many Mavericks to surface compared to this time last year.

Though many of the officials have expressed frustration over the catalytic actions and comments of these city representatives, the approval of the sanctioned Super heroes and of the current city administration and police force has increased among a large section of the downtrodden.  There are several minor segments of the population that have used it as a call to arms against authority, but as of yet they haven’t become more active.

The dynamic duo’s enterprise ended suddenly, when Quazy fainted.  According to several eye witness accounts, she seemed to wince in pain when she touched the victims, and she touched one too many.  She had just touched a mugging victim who wished to remain anonymous when she collapsed.  The following are the victim’s own words:

“I was attacked by a guy on 107th after leaving Eclipse – you know, that club in the old warehouse?  Well he came up behind me and stuck a gun in my side, and told me to give him my money.  He smelled like beer and cigarettes.  Well anyway, I felt something brush my leg, and I thought it was a snake, so I screamed.  It was crazy, but all the stuff, the windows, the, you know, breakable stuff, just exploded around me, and the guy behind me screamed in pain, and that giant dragon thing crashed into a parked car.”

Following Quazy’s collapse, her companion yelled to the bystanders, “Looks like the little darling hit her bedtime!  Good Night, Century Station!”


The private live-stream of the hero’s exploits was recorded and posted to several public video streaming sites.  She spent the 3 hours and 46 minutes speaking to self-empowerment, and the need of “millions of threads to make a vibrant tapestry.”  Her most eloquent points were obviously taken from famous speeches and Disney movies, separated by original, earnest-but-simple dialogue.

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  1. “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.” signed Shorty
    Great log- VV wants to patrol with the 2 of them now….

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