Shorty 5 Is Alive

Shorty 5 Is Alive

March 23rd, 2024 – Saturday 7 PM

Shorty #5 Was getting back to Garrick’s Home at the last third of the Mallic Robotics building. There was a note, a physical, ink on paper note on top of the huge smart table in front of his room in the basement. He sighed and wondered what had happened now. He picked it up and upon reading found that Garrick had left a larger letter on his bed.

Shorty Five,
Buddy, you’ve done so good in school and I’m proud of you. I know how jittery you and your cousins can get when people ask you questions or, well, make eye contact when you talk to them. I thought a letter would let you process my question better. What I have to say is meant for you #5. Not #1 whom is Ethel’s concern, or #4 whom is Jake’s concern.

Do you want to be a superhero?

Stop, think this through, do a risk assessment because it is not fun and games. There’s work involved more than you might think. I don’t expect an answer when I get home. Take some time and think about it. If your answer ends up being ‘NO’ then throw the letter away. If it ends up being ‘YES’ then read on because I won’t move forward on any of this without your consent.

Still here, okay then.

My father told me you can achieve your dreams if you help the people around you achieve theirs. It’s part of the reason I help Jake and S.A.V.I.O.R. out. Would you like to know a secret though? I’m still figuring out my new life and what my dreams are, and that’s okay. Adults rarely have all the answers and often were just trying to not repeat mistakes we made growing up. I have just started to realize it might be okay to be happy again.

I know I am getting to the superhero part, patience. If you’re reading this then you agreed to come along for the full story. I will endeavor to make it worth your time.

First, you’ll need a secret identity to hide in when you begin this line of work. Now ‘Shorty-5’ is an option but suggests at the minimum there are four siblings if not more for the super villain to find and hurt in order to get to you. I am going to try and adopt you so we can make your identity legitimate. My back up plan for adoption is Richard so your new last name would either be Faulkner or Grey. Now either way this goes Richard is still a big part of the plan. Never fear though I have a plan B option should that not work. Now there is a reason for the adoption. It will make it easier to pass you off as my 16 year old adopted kid for your driver’s license. Which may or may not involve getting the learner’s permit first. This is the reason for an actual first name which will be [Name] followed by Faulkner or Grey for the surname.

Second, I will be talking to Katherine about buying her a new car. Now the more paperwork people can find on you the easier it is to legitimize your identity. For her, if I’m the co-signer on a car her in her name as primary. Her name will now have a house and car attached to it. I am hoping to then have her sign her Smart Fortwo car over to you. Adding to the paperwork of the adoption to your identity. My concern if anyone found out how you were created you would loose your legal rights and be treated as property. I know it’s easy to think that Jake, Ethel, or I would always be there to protect you. However, I’m trying to make you ready for that moment when we are not there.

Now to be fair trying to get Katherine a new car will happen no matter what. It’s whether or not you get her’s is the part I’ll be waiting on your answer for. Now, your first car is often never cool, but this car would be yours alone and you would not be required to share it.

Third, aging and growth. I don’t know if you were engineered to age and grow. Given how tall Jake and how short Ethel is I suspect there is a recessive gene for dwarfism within your genetic makeup. This may be something we need to address with Jake or you could have a growth spurt soon and this be nothing. However, if there are answers to how this might play out you should know so you can learn to deal with these potential issues accordingly.

Fourth, mentors and training. My Plan A is to ask the Geist to train you to be the next Cardinal. Before you worry about Jake and wearing a costume the Geist and the Cardinal have an interesting history and tradition. The ‘next few pages’ are what I remember of it. It could be an amazing opportunity for you if he agrees to it. It may require you living with him, it may not. The plan B is I train you which would mean building you a suit similar to the one you have been trading on and off. Only I would probably add laser canons and a plasma sword. Because hey plasma swords are cool am I right?

Fifth, be yourself. This is the hardest part is learning to find your own path in the world. Jake can help you but will expect compensation in some form or fashion. Most people in the world will expect something: favors to be called upon later, payment in some form of currency, or trade / time to equal what they feel they put into helping you. I want you to be able to not owe anyone for your life. Make your own choices, and hopefully be a decent person. I also accept that the choice right for you I may not agree with, but I will respect your sovereignty as a living creature to make it.

Let me know when you’re ready.

Sincerely your friend,


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Art by: AZ_Artisan


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  1. I cannot wait to hear all the other Shorties react- this will either be awesome or a nightmare… hoping for awesome.

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