Sales Meeting Call

Sales Meeting Call

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[FEMALE VOICE] Thank you for calling Ace Tomato Investments. We have a saying here at ACI. You should give us your business, because we’re in your business. Please leave a message after the beep.


[MALE VOICE] FP, sorry I missed the sales meeting call, I was with several clients and investors and couldn’t break away from the meeting, It was very inportant that I attended and made sure everyone was on solid ground and ready to fully invest their capitol. Anyway, I am calling to give my report of last months sales and investments. First, the New Jack City Yuppies have been dissuaded from any future hostile take-overs. Some have been schooled on proper business practices. The rest had their investment licenses revoked. I was able to determine which investment company had fronted them the capitol, Norwood Nightfall Cudgel LLC. and the Sales Manager is Lucien Phet. The initial investors meeting broke up after some G Fund sales poachers tried to crash the meeting. I was able to determine that they were working on Insider information, the source of which I have yet to determine, but research is active and ongoing.

We had our follow-up Investor’s meeting at Dr. Brown’s place of employment. Other clients and Investors present were Mz. CaslteHawke, Mr. Saige, CPT Dragoon, COL Abrahms, Mr. Black, Ms. Wolfe, Mr. Bungler, Mr. Charmenge, Doc Brown’s assistant Young Master Alpine and Mr. Slither (he is an odd one, not sure of his investment capitol). I ensured that the meeting wouldn’t be interrupted by G Fund investors or poachers, nor did I see any other investment groups. I did spot an interloper, but it just happened to be Ms. Wolfe, I didn’t recognize her right away as we were dressing more casual for this meeting. Speaking of I almost came in my full Black Tie ensemble, but then I realized Brown’s office was located outside of the main city.

Things got off to a rocky start as I accused Ms. Wolfe of severe insider trading, several of the other investors assured me that she has never practiced that type of investment. It’s a bit ironic as I have dabbled in the practice, often, and yet she stands accused by me. I was laughing a bit on the inside about that fact, but was able to maintain my business savvy or poker face as you like to refer to it.

After some more in-depth introductions, lead by Mr. Black, the investors broke off in small groups to network and discuss investment strategies moving forward. The topic of one of Mr. Bungler’s more infamous investment failures was brought up, especially since he was starting to show how bad he was in just simple penny-stock activities. Doc Brown mentioned he might be able to at least get his initial investment returned. I was interested in this venture and decided I could invest some capitol. We were going to get setup in his exterior conference room. I was all set and had a small portion of my portfolio ready; however, Ol’ Doc Brown had mis-represented his knowledge of the venture. Doc Brown seemed very displeased in his lack of market knowledge and went to one of his side offices and starting doing more research to asertain the problem or issue. The good thing was I didn’t lose any capitol or any part of my protfolio.

As I came back into the main office, I decided to double check to ensure we weren’t dealing with any other investment groups, corporate raiders or other hostile take over bids. I saw another company, it seemed familiar but I wasn’t sure. I asked Mr. Black if he could research this other company and he agreed. In the mean time, Alpine, Mz. CastleHawke and Doc Brown were quibbling over some strategies and a possible outside investor. I tried to corner Alpine, but he slip away into a exterior office and it didn’t seem of worth at the time. As CastleHawke and Brown were off discussing internal business, I gathered the rest of the investors and informed them of the possible the other company that may have been trying to outbid us.

There was all of a sudden an urgent VTEL call that interuppted our current conference call and we all went to join that meeting. It turns out the other company was just a single sales person and from a local non-profit. While I usually don’t mind them, they do have potential for taking away investment capitol from the serious investors. The lone sale person was Ford Wagoner and he had his investment license revoked by the automated investment systems of Brown’s office. Several of us ensured the revocation was kept under wraps and Ms. Wolfe and CPT. Dragoon followed up by sanitizing any hard copy records that may have been kept. Mr. Black, myself and others ensured the electronic copies were sanitized as well. We should not have any further issues with this non-profit company, but could you verify their records have been sanitized as well. While all this is going on, Mz. CastleHawke and Mr. Charmenge had an urgent meeting and investment discussion with Young Alpine. It turns out Alpine and Brown are some serious repeat investors, though the supply chain is no longer active. It seems the alpine investors brought that to a screeching halt. I will look into the supply chain more later.

I was a part of the internal session to determine Alpine’s full involvement and investment. I was using the usual capitol for this situation, when some new capitol fell int my lap, so to speak. Please reach out to some of my old internal sales trainers, I may need some advice on the best way to invest this new found capitol. Just tell them, that I may have found the missing funds that they first tried to award me all those years ago. It was very useful in this particular discussion to determine the fully advertise growth potential.

So the meeting was deemed a half bust – half boom. I did want to make sure of one more bad loan wasn’t floated by me, so I approched Ms. Wolfe and we disscused the insdier trading accusation I leveled from earlier in the evening. My new capitol paid off and I was able to determine that she is not an inside trader; however, she is a fomer ACI employee, from the Assay Enterprise team, so…You will have to have a talk with upper management and smooth the feathers of the other team and let them know that I didn’t realize I was poaching a member of their team for my own sales venture group. I really need this to happen, so I maintain credibility and integrity with my new sales team. Tell them I will personal invest some of my capitol in their next assay venture. I’m sure they may want to know how I came about my newly found assets recently, as opposed to all those years ago when my sales and investment potential was fully realized.

Alright, let me know how it goes with upper management, I’ll talk to you later FP, I owe you a beer by the way.

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  1. I love the inclusion of Snake Person and the not-so-subtle naming of “Ms. Wolfe!” There’s a lot of things inferred to and talked around in this log, so if anyone has questions about the translation post them.

    1. AE is the More experimental section of Sector 10, at least in my interpretation. I had a side comment from my “reading” of Ms. Wolfe.

  2. I’m surprised no one caught the movie reference at the very beginning, I thought I was being TOO obvious.

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