Riding a Bike

Riding a Bike

I don’t know why I telling you this, I guess I just figured I aught to tell someone…

So, it all started with BP asking me to help him with a side mission, I was all for it, it meant I could bash some more heads in. Well at first, it seemed SO boring…surveillance…YAWN! Well, as I went to point this out to BP, he gave me this INTENSE stare, that almost looked into my soul. At first it was disturbing, but I sensed the ferocity of his focus and let it alone. He had an end game and I knew it meant smashing heads, so I settled in and bided my time. WOW, so BORING, but his intensity and concentration kept me quiet. We sat on that roof and just watched, endless watching. I know I fell asleep a few times, I hope I wasn’t snoring. If I was I may have gotten it from BP. Worst of all, sitting outside of some big financial building, not even the birds wanted to mess this place up.

Well after sitting there ALL day, we caught a break. While I usually don’t like to see them, the CSPD showed up, arrest warrant in hand and rushed this bank place. The internal security tries to hold ’em off while “our target”, IDK some dude named Eisner, is making a break for it out the alley. Well, NOW I’m interested and excited, bad guy making a break for it. There is a squad car in that alley and they spot him, this Eisner fellow takes shots at it as he hops in this souped up classic 300M, rims and all. Now we’re talking bad guy shooting cops, let’s get this fucker. BP is on it faster than I can react, yelling “Move damn you, now’s our chance”. That extreme intensity again, at the time it was almost a turn on, but him yelling got me focused.

We are on the street, I’m driving my bike, him riding bitch (you know, he really doesn’t mind when I say that to him, weird). We are racing after Eisner, dodging traffic and weaving like a seamstress. Eisner is able to make it to the on ramp, before we can close the distance. Something interesting about BP, almost every time we ride, he is a little bit…hesitant…just a good amount of fear. Not this time. he is leaning in with every turn, almost sensing my moves, all the while pulling two pistols out of his holsters and getting them ready. Chase continues on the 900 something freeway, IDK, IDC. We are dodging some traffic and weaving, gaining on Eisner. BP is pushing me to get close, very close. I’m thinking, just shoot the fucker already, he yells or blurts or something…NO, CLOSER! At least I think he said it. Well I get so damn close I could give him a rectal exam, if you are into that. BP has him dead to rights, but doesn’t do anything right away, just stares. Well Eisner finally takes a shot at us, totally missing me, but basically grazed BP’s clothes. Then all fucking hell broke loose, BP clenchs both legs up against me and the bike, sits up real straight, aims both weapons at Eisner, fires both AT THE SAME TIME, one hits Eisner in the torso somewhere, the other blows the front tire…DAFUQ…The 300M goes careening like a top. I’m able to short-stop (reverse wheelie BTW) and avoid being a part of the madness. The car finally stops, but Eisner isn’t done yet, he somehow crawls out. BP LEAPS of my bike, runs up and kicks the weapon from his hands. Then goes into some weird tirade…[mocking deep male voice]”I’m the Hunter…you’re the Hunted…I hunted you…you didn’t hunt me…Do you see now…I am the Hunter…” Well at first I was all “blah…blah…blah”, but the intensity…it was like earlier on the roof…this time though I felt it wash over me a bit. All this…THIS…emotion, adrenaline, raw energy…I needed release…

There was some cash, we left it. There were some guns and grenades, we…well He stashed those and we came back for them. Eisner died BTW.  CSPD showed up, they questioned us, realized who we were, thanked us for stopping him, thanked us for leaving the cash and let us get on our way, almost shooing us away. What Evs. I NEEDED RELEASE.

We got back to BP’s, with all the “stuff”, stowed it away. BP was starting to come down, but I said, I need a ride and you are coming with me. He didn’t argue, We went down to the alley, where my bike was, I told him to strip…but leave the mask, I kept mine as well. He was naked in seconds, so was I. I told him to get on the bike, he did. I went to “rev him up”, he was at full throttle already. I then mounted his bike. I started my bike, then I started on his Bike. We took off, in more ways then one, headed down the road. I wanted to go as fast as possible, so I got onto the highway. We were at full throttle in so many ways. Last thing I remember was the Speedo at 120 and so was BP. One thing that was strange…at one point, somewhere out past Ulster, all of a sudden, I was seeing myself from BP’s view…so surreal…Me over the top…BP revving his bike endlessly…my bike at max throttle…emotions of us both flowing back and forth…then just total, fucking, mind blowing ecstasy…

About an hour later, I remember…barely…able to bring my bike to a stop…BP twitching from the experience…we pulled over and passed out in some field…

We eventually rode back to his apartment, still totally naked, enjoying the cool breeze on our hot bodies. We just didn’t give a fuck.

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  1. Live life to the fullest, because it’s gonna end eventually. But until that day arrives there’s nothing that’s gonna end it sooner. No consequences. What’s the journey even matter when you already know the destination?

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