Portfolio and Investment Update

Portfolio and Investment Update

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It’s Me. Investment update, First SAVIOR LLC. was very successful in it’s first G-Fund and C-Fund partnership in a hostile take over of Jujube Macau industries, run by Father Walker. It turns out that they were dealing in questionable heavy hammers, as well as their over reach into the marionette industry. It was a complete and utter success. SAVIOR’s PR quotient has risen by leaps and bounds. Leading to more investor’s which has increased our profit margin.

As to Ms. Wolfe. She has decided to fully divest her portfolio from mine, but is still investing on a parallel investment strategy.

Speaking of new investors, I’ve merged my portfolio with Ms. Eunice Asia. While this investor didn’t seem like she would pan out, She approached me after the market closed on Father Walker. Initial negotiations for the merger were slow, but proper research on the merger was required before finalizing the deal. The final “test” of her worthiness as a full partnered broker was a venture against a reemerging marketer Mr. Kloch and his junior partners. While a local diamond market lost some gains in the venture, Mr Kloch will no longer be able to short any other markets, Mrs. CastleHawke and Dr. Brown made sure of that, at least as sure as we can be given we thought he was no longer trading after our last venture with him.

As to the profits from Ms. Asia, it’s like she has the luck of the Irish on her side. They were off the chart. Her investment strategy is always about going after the highest risk investments. She & I have also engaged in personal portfolio mergers. The profits from this venture have also proven to be quite profitable as well. Again her strategies in her personal investments are wild and with abandon. My own profit from this was indescribable.

I hope ACE Tomato management finds the market ventures acceptable. I still haven’t scheduled that meeting with the Hedge Fund Manager so I am presuming they are.

More Beer for you then.


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