Trying to blow off some steam, Trip logged into Worlds Online and met up with all 9 Shorty’s. They quested together, something Trip hadn’t done in a little while and really missed. As the night wore on, they noticed a relatively new player who called themselves PARADISE_SCREAM. This player was very good, rising through the levels rapidly, but also a very poor sport who was condescending and dismissive towards almost everyone they interacted with.

This included Trip and the Shorty’s.

Happy to have a new target, Trip organized a “gank the n00b” party for PARADISE_SCREAM to try and put them in their place. Trip figured with 10 to 1 odds it’d be fairly easy. And he wasn’t wrong.

PARADISE_SCREAM was a very skilled player, who was definitely better than Trip or any of the Shorties individually. But with the 10 of them together it went very much in Trip’s favor. Surprisingly though, PARADISE_SCREAM didn’t back down from their gang-up tactics.

Trip and the Shorties took this person by surprise the first time, but they returned seemingly determined to fight back. Their smack talk trickled away to nothing as they kept coming back after Trip and his team. At first this person was only managing to take out two of the Shorties before being defeated, but after a few more instances it’s three Shorties. Then four. Five.

By the early morning hours, PARADISE_SCREAM has improved to the point that they can defeat most of the Shorties in Trip’s squad and even put him on the defensive, before finally being overcome. There was a desperate determination in their actions that Trip found himself struggling to match. Finally, they logged off. Trip realized that for the last several hours PARADISE_SCREAM hadn’t said a single word – just played with silent determination.

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