New Investors Report

New Investors Report

The following chatter was picked up by a listening post in Century City:

Below is the transcript of the chatter:
Hey Pirate, It’s Banger, thought I would let you know that I followed up on the five potential investors you told me about last week.
Cougar seems a little long in the tooth and doesn’t have much capitol, I am fairly certain she doesn’t know how much she really has in the bank at all.
Fencer has the capitol, but it is tied up in a very ancient artifact he was able to get his hands on and some tech & science. The artifact may have fallen off a truck, but it was hard earned. The tech & science, however, seems to be his own and may be original.
Barmy has their capitol split into four very diverse properties, unfortunately the four properties are completely tied to each other and there is no foreseeable way to divorce the properties.
D. Brown is fully invested in tech and science projects, which could lead to some serious profit.
P. Richard was difficult to pin down and he kept his investment well hidden. It was like he was a researcher himself and knew the tricks of the trade to keep his investment from prying eyes. I was a little better trained and was able to find out that he also had an artifact, though this one isn’t an ancient one like Fencer has.
Alright, let me know what you think, I’ll talk to you later.

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