My Poor Brother

My Poor Brother

A Private Conversation Between Brother and Sister

“So why didn’t you ever tell me you had children?” began Ethel, once she and Jake were alone.

“You weren’t talking to me anyways.”

“Had you told me, I might have left Harold,” and for once, Ethel did not spit.

“It happened before I was here.”

“What do you mean- you were always here.”

Jake walks over to a white board to try to explain things. He tells Ethel, “We are in universe P52. I am from universe H-71.” Jake continued, sharing that everyone died in universe H-71, but Jake was able to leave, at the last moment, along with his grandchildren, Sherman and Autumn. This Jake came here 30 years ago. When Ethel asked how she died, Jake replied, “You died horribly! Autumn saw it, but wouldn’t talk about it, but I heard it was awful when she was having night terrors.”

Jake also shared much of his past, although he would not name his former wife, or say anything about his daughter except her name- Liz. Ethel did not push.

Ethel finds out that Sherman prefers the name “Shorty”, “That’s what he asks his friends to call him,” Jake tells her.

“So should we research where Autumn is, and should I tell her how much you have changed?” Ethel asks.

Jake pulls out an old tablet, probably 30-40 years old, and turns it on after fiddling with it using tools and dusting it off. Finally on, a vision of a 3D vector graphic of Century Station is visible, with a blinking dot where Jake says Autumn is now.

“That is Silver City near where Harold worked. Specifically, this is the Harlequin building, which is Triton Industry’s main office.”

Jake says, “Watch this,” and orders flowers sent to her. “Now we wait for her to make the next move, or we foil the evil plot, and she thanks us later.”

“Why didn’t she recognize me Jake? I think she couldn’t see it was me through the costume.”

“Your costume isn’t a costume- It is obviously you!” He goes and checks his facial recognition feedback of Ethel in the room- and is shocked to find out that it does not recognize Ethel!

“See Jake, it is a great costume! Everyone else loves it! You know, you have not thanked me yet.”

“For what?”

“I stood up to Miss Energy Hair, putting myself in front of you, and she left. She knew better than to face me- I saved your life, and we are even now.”

Jake shrugged, “Ok.”

They take Ethel’s Aircar back to her place to let Jake get his Volvo back to his home.

My poor brother- I will make sure he stays safe, and has a better life here.

All Granny2Good pictures from our own AZ Rune.

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