Marketing’s Analysis

Marketing’s Analysis



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Hey Banger, this is SP. I’m returning your message.

I had Marketing rush that analysis you requested. Based on their numbers I agree with your assessment; this counter-offer shows some serious potential. Especially with that Old Money involved. If the other Potential Investors are on board then this is an opportunity we all think you should invest strongly in. The potential for profit here seems well worth the capital investment.

Analysis showed four risks of note:

The biggest risk we see is with the G Fund Group. You know how they feel about competitors doing business in the grey market. You’ll need to watch out for hostile takeovers once they find out. This is becoming an area of specialty for them.

This will certainly increase your exposure to the New Jack City Yuppies and their many business partners. Make sure your conduct with them is all above board or else moving this business into the White Market will become near impossible.

I noticed some new investors were getting involved as well. One of them has a portfolio that raised a few flags to Marketing. It’s all new money backing up a property that was only recently acquired. Be especially careful of insider trading there. Marketing is doing further analysis on this particular risk and we’ll let you know what we find.

I trust your judgement but the earnings you may have divulged are a concern for Marketing. While our relationship has been mutually beneficial we don’t wish exposure. If the full extent of your business dealings with us are revealed I’ll be forced to dissolve our partnership. You understand this is just business.

Keep me informed on how this new business venture proceeds.


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