In The Shadow Of Giants

In The Shadow Of Giants

April 6th, 2024 – Saturday: 7 PM

Century Park Skyscraper

“So, you’ve an adopted son now going by Sherman Faulkner, is that what I’m looking at on this requisition about driver’s education,” asked a confused Director Balisong?

Garrick looked embarrassed by how that happened, “I had planned on trying to figure out doing that legally when or if he had picked me. However, since he’s a clone and we don’t want that getting out. Can you do the kid a solid and help him out?”

Director Balisong crossed her hands and sighed tiredly, “It’s fine. Him and the others you told me about just have to pick names for separate identities and they ALL have to go to school. Whom they’re staying with will have to be sorted out as well. Tutors can be arranged and/or transportation as part of your consultant fee from the city. Ahh, Richard, thank you for joining us.” Garrick, turned to see Richard returning from the yacht tour in his tuxedo.

“Director Balisong, always a pleasure. Well, is it time for that meeting?”

“Yes, I suppose we need to sit down and decide how this is going to work long term. Salaries, coverage, and the like since nothing has effectively changed or appears to be on the horizon of changing down south. Greg will be joining us soon I was informed his car entered the garage.”

With the Centurions stuck in Antarctica, Operation Overlord’s recruitment initiative to find new, sanctioned heroes had to be put on hold for the near future. The three of them discussed the use of the name Centurions versus S.A.V.I.O.R. and decided they would continue to go by S.A.V.I.O.R. for the time being.

Garrick provided his guide to improved A.I. security and made it clear any fee working for C.H.I.M.E.R.A. when it comes to this topic should not be paid to him but to Mallic-Faulkner Technologies. Mentioning she should contact, Amanda Surges, their C.O.O. to discuss his rate and haggle if she feels so inclined. This would allow him to be essentially on loan to C.H.I.M.E.R.A. and not interfere with his work schedule. Anything not cyber-crime should have a portion go to the corporations sponsoring S.A.V.I.O.R. and the rest be donated to the Giving Tree organization.

“Hmm,” the director pondered, “So you would be contracted as a civilian expert. Allowing you to assist us when hero work was not required. Forward her details through Richard and you should be able to get added to the list of contractors the city can choose from in that regard. I’ll let you know what gets worked out. Meanwhile, I’ll have Cyber-Crime take a look at your recommendation.”

“That sounds fine, now I’m dreading this but how did our four man skeleton crew do with the situation presented at First Century Bank’s Silver City Branch?” Gryphon looked a little nervous. There was a resolve to look at this objectively in him, since their last encounter of pursuing the bad guys left so many dead.

Director Balisong pursed her lips. “I honestly don’t even know where to begin. You recklessly placed lives in jeopardy. There were civilian casualties. All but one of the perpetrators got away, and the one you captured has yielded no information that can lead to the others. The Mayor is furious – I’ve taken a lot of heat from him over my decision to give your team this responsibility. There are those among him and the city who agree with him.”

The Director continued. “I, however, do not. Based on the statements I’ve reviewed from the hostages and the officers on the scene, I do not believe the hostages would have survived at all. I believe your break from established protocol saved their lives. I’m saddened by the deaths that occurred but I believe it could have been far, far worse. And there are many others among myself and the city who agree with me. S.A.V.I.O.R. has proven to be a different breed of hero, and one I think this city sorely needs. Your tactics are sloppy, dangerous, lack teamwork, and are unconventional enough to throw this city’s enemies off guard. They knew what to expect with the Centurions and how to exploit it – not so with you.”

Gryphon looked surprised as she went on to commend him in doing a satisfactory job directing the efforts of those on scene to help safeguard the public while managing the pursuit. “I see potential and hope this was a good deal for the city.”

She looked up and saw Greg Nugent coming into the room also in a tuxedo. Gryphon stood and shook Greg’s hand offering him his chair since they were going to discuss a number of business level decisions that did not necessarily demand his attention. Director Balisong thanked Gryphon as Greg mentioned reading something on Twitter about trying to get the Gryphon to give an interview. He asked him if he would mind working on that with Victor? Gryphon replied that he’d be happy to help and do that. Mentioning to just let him know when and where. He shook everyone’s hands once more thanking them for the briefing and left the three to discuss their business.

Getting off the elevator for his floor and what could be called his family, although he’s heard the term harem tossed around. He was thinking to himself that he dodged that redhead at the bank. As he was walking to his room, Miss Amazing’s door slid open. She was standing there in her white dress and silver toned metal filigree mask, “Don’t worry Garr-bear, if ‘red’ gets to close and you don’t want to pursue it. I’ll remind her nicely about ‘making sure one has consent first.’ Now come here because I’ve missed you since this morning and you’re mine today.” Garrick smiled and changed back to his normal form as he entered her room and shut the door behind him.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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9 Replies to “In The Shadow Of Giants”

    1. You feel like this was a staged simulation by the government, designed to test S.A.V.I.O.R.’s reaction to an “unwinnable” situation? There are some dead bank patrons and their families who would like to strongly disagree in their lawsuit against the city.

    1. I completely disagree that the scenario was winnable. Because dice rolls play a factor that players must “role” with. The suspense was great, I had a wonderful time playing but we effectively TPK’ed the scene.

    2. In fact, if we stopped treating it as civilian police. Instead, started treating it as a military war then not negotiating with terrorists would be closer to what we did.

    3. I stand by the fact that this scenario was not “unwinnable.” Perhaps when the campaign is over we can revisit this discussion.

      1. That’s fine, I stand by the perception I have without having access to behind the scene information. I still had a great time at the session as a player. It’s been awhile since I had a social TPK.

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