If God Was One Of Us

If God Was One Of Us

Clarified: six months after March, 2024 – Earth Three; same evening

Once the trio returns from CF Robotics, Gryphon, thanked Thanatos for the files from the Tron-like version of Carl. As he taps a thumb drive Gryphon holds and tells him they’re on it. Before walking away he mentions that if he’d get the materials Gryphon would be willing to build a body for him so he was not required to use Carl in that fashion. As he walks away he mentions the similar offer to Caedechron for a more uniform look. As a stop gap of course, until they find his body in their world. “Just think on it,” he says to both of them and he heads into the bathroom off the kitchen.

Not one for interrogations, especially with others that can get more out of reading people. Young Garrick would often get frustrated at good cop bad cop routines having seen to many Lethal Weapon movies and TV shows. He liked Riggs but realized the last few times he leaned to heavy on that inspiration.

Once he felt the appropriate amount of time has passed for taking a piss he nonchalantly walked into the dressing section of this world’s Ethel’s room. Using the ‘Jack & Jill’ doors he moved through the second bathroom into the living room. Sitting on the couch a realization on how Jake’s intelligence is what makes him a force for good or evil came upon him. Unsure how to proceed because they are on an alternate Earth using tech by a person that when cornered on another world became Murder Master.

Ashmadiel spoke from within his head, “Your mind is a storm of emotion. Organize your thoughts. I am here with you, Garrick Faulkner.


He’d not even realized that he’d summoned his sword, but there it was in his grip. The celestial had never steered him wrong. She had faith he’d be a hero when even he didn’t. She’d made mistakes before and was trying to help him avoid her downfall. Okay, he thought. Here goes something. Speaking out loud to Ashmadiel, but mostly for himself, he attempted to put his thoughts into some sort of order.

“It’s hard not to feel emotionally compromised by what I learned about the Gryphon of this world. But the little alien team member Marra-kesh I think their name was reminded me of a song: What if God was one of us. My mom, Cynthia, was non-denominational in her belief in God the almighty. She showed me a movie when I was seven that she felt a sci-fi kid could get behind and realize God and even Jesus may not be what we think they are. The movie was from 2002 just after the Twin Towers fell, it was called: The Man From Earth. In the end it was simply a film about Jesus being an immortal man. Later that same year I heard the song and I have always held the largely unpopular belief that God may be an elder style alien that is largely benevolent and only through not understanding certain situations, may appear malevolent. Saints and mythological characters could have just been ancient supers? Jesus, could have been the first superhero and may be a slob like one of us trying to find his way home.”

“I see both Jake and my father as manifestations of God in many ways. The funny part is I’ve been rightly or wrongly considering him a dark clone of my dad. It’s intimidating to be around them, yet I persist much as my namesake’s Dilsey Gibson did. Maybe he didn’t appreciate the help but I did finally contribute assistance today on a device to hold a portal open cobbled together from a camera on this world! That should account for something, right?”

“Then there’s you, the Celestial Sword. I often wonder now if God was not simply an elder Alien Intelligence of some fashion that helped the Shining Legion against the Lords of Night. Which got retold until we have the stories of heaven and hell, God, the Devil, and Angels to this very day?”

“The funny part, to me anyhow, is that my very science slash bardic folklore approach to this. As I see it there are two options for me that make sense. A) lash out at Jake for things he’s done and can’t be undone at this juncture. B) provide him an options to fix the errors and trust he has a soul and the willingness to not be the level of evil exhibited by Murder Master.”

“It is true he could elect to take or do none of my suggestions and I will also inform him I have people I need to protect. If he does nothing by the close of business on Monday I will let the Mallics know how CF Robotics got their start. If they don’t wish to fire me I will work at creating detection systems to alert when his intrusions happen. None of it will be designed to stop it, just track it. I will give them the data and they can do with it what they wish. I will explain to them his reasons to me for the breach and let them do as they will.”

“I understand his reasons he chose to reveal to me, and I am hurt he didn’t ask me for help but chose to steal and lie by omission to my face. Frankly, that explains a great deal of the Shorties’ behavior. Jake in many ways is just a teenager. He uses lying as a defense mechanism the way teens and children do. Once I see it that way I’m not angry anymore. I pity him. I pity a manifestation of God. It is a dark round about joke when you think about it.”

“I won’t tell him about the deadline on Monday, because I won’t issue an ultimatum. That’s a similar situation to how Murder Master got started according to him. However, I will know my worth to him and I still have people to protect from his machinations. When I get back I am shutting off all badge access to the house. I have provided Geist and the Mallics with a copy of Optimus which they can do with as they see fit. I can still work with someone that’s hurt me. Jake is just another version of Adeline stabbing me for thinking I caused our mom & dad’s death.”

“When it comes to Blake Masters or whomever at the company had access to designs. I will root them out and let Mallic Robotics deal with them as they see fit. A mole in the company we can’t have, and now I just need to figure out a way to find him or them when I get back. If I end up being the mole unwittingly then I will present that and deal with the consequences.”

“Overall, Jake in this incarnation has done more good than harm. Besides, if CF Robotics becomes to dangerous I have a back up plan no one will see coming. I always wanted to be a graffiti artist. I can feel you poking around in my head for more ideas about that but shhh, art is expression and takes time.”

“You know I endured Adeline and since Jake is no different than her I can endure Jake to. Plenty of room left for new scars, plenty of room and I’ll heal the new ones so he’s got nothing on me.”

Ashmadiel stated gently, “You are hurt, Garrick Faulkner, and saying some things you do not mean. You are stronger than those thoughts, and have the strength of others to draw upon in this time of need. You no longer suffer alone.

“You’re absolutely right,” He smiles and the sword turns back into his gauntlet as he gets up walks back in from the other direction. He looks upbeat and waits for an appropriate time to have his talk with Jake. Openly, on their world once again. He tells Geist though as the talk with the rescued Alien takes place. Based on what he’s learned his house will be shut off from the team’s access a few minutes after he gets back. After a pending conversation with Jake he might be stuck at work a great deal for a few weeks and only able to do hero stuff on the weekend. He will keep him posted as developments occur. He looks happy though as none of these things are problems just outcomes yet to see the light of day.

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  1. Is Garrick looking to start finding religion? He may have a friend who would be more than happy to help him with that. 😀

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