I Matter!

I Matter!

Cavalry Does Something Right

So I thought that S.A.V.I.O.R was putting me on the bench, yet again- I wanted to patrol with them, but they had me monitor the battle. How wrong I was! I actually made a difference!

The best thing about talking to A.R.C.H.I.E., the computer, is he doesn’t judge me on my past! He just follows orders, answers questions, and is actually nice to me! I have learned a lot about the other members from him, and have been studying video on my free time, and I think that I can help with planning- if they ever want my help. So on this day I was assigned monitor duty, and with our new communicators was able to talk directly with all my teammates- it is a great help!

So, Savior was fighting robots, and, well, it seemed it was up to me to try and coordinate them, since they didn’t seem to be working well together, again. There were two other heroes there as well, who I later learned were Rubber Band Man and Hank, but at the time were just new heroes joining the fight. Black Phantom took up a position on a water tower to snipe at them, Covenant and Zeau went after another, and Gryphon flew around helping wherever he could. I got in everyone’s ear, telling the heroes where the robots were, and helped them try to steer them away from the innocents. The battle was going fine until Black Phantom had a vision or premonition or spidey-sense or something.

“MUTHA F**KA MOVE! THEY’RE GOING TO EXPLODE! RUN DAMMIT!” he screamed, and it was lucky he yelled loud, as Hank and Rubber Band Man had no communicators! Everyone got out of there quick- well, at least everyone but Gryphon, who I swear has a Deathwish, and I am not talking about our team member by the same name!

Gryphon grabbed a robot and flew up high- and it exploded. I was speechless! What could I have said? The good news is somehow he lived.

Later on the Geist reviewed the tape, and congratulated me on a job well done.

Hopefully I will get to join in a battle soon!


Cavalry log spoken to Archie and saved in group files.


Art by our own AZ_Artisan

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