I am Zeau

I am Zeau

I am Zeau.  Though I feel it unreasonably discomfitting, I will explain to those allowed to read this whence came the name, who I am, and what I do.  A group of Indo-European peoples, the Illyrians, were polytheistic. Every human and natural aspect for which they aspired or revered had a patron god or goddess, as is evident in many polytheistic religions.  Their embodiment of Intelligence was called Zeau, and as such I found it fitting to call myself by the same name.

You may find hubris in the act, but I assure you, there is little to no exaggeration – which is why I have been set apart from the… well peers or collegues does not fit… others?  Others of my own physical age. That seems as accurate as possible. Ever since the first memory I have – that of ordering my blocks in color spectrum wavelength and then alphabetical order – I was aware of the universe and its laws.  Learning to read and write before I entered my preschool wasn’t as much a personal challenge as it was jumping a necessary hurdle to reach the finish line. Much like learning to walk and talk, the pursuit of knowledge was integral to my connection to the universe and my fellow human beings.  This, as you may surmise, lead to me being ostracized by the mucus-eating flatulence-sniffers in my classes and neighborhood. Subsequently, I focused on my studies and interests even more.

By ten I was in High School, and by fifteen I had my first master’s degree.  Reaching my doctorate at twenty was a means to the ultimate goal – perpetual learning and knowledge.  I joined Copernicus University’s ranks of untenured research professors, and finally found my true home.

This long explanation was not merely to illustrate my right to my name, but also to illustrate a second point.  I am an Otaku. Truly an otaku, and not a weeaboo. It is not a fad or lifestyle choice, it is me at my core. Many have told me that I have no social skills, and that I am an insufferable ass.  To them I simply shrug and go back to my books. It doesn’t matter to me the fickle feelings or social personas of those around me. They are Dross, and Intellect is All.

When I discovered my super abilities, I wasn’t shocked the way many are.  How much more fitting could it be for a man of intelligence to acquire powers of the mind?  Finally, my physical prowess could match my mental prowess. Seeing the powers not as a distraction but as a failsafe from more of the same, I fell into the role of protector.  Protector of dedicated learners and the sacred halls of knowledge in which they spent their days.

I am not sure why my paths brought me to the attention of The Geist.  We certainly are from different worlds. But he invited me to join a group of others with metahuman powers.  At first I wanted to refuse, but upon further logical deduction realized that if I ever hoped to keep Copernicus University – I’ll never call it CU because of the portuguese word cu – I needed to protect Century Station.

Long and tiresome adventures ensued, with only the vaguest of connections to Century Station.  After some time as part of the group, whose self-ascribed sobriquet acronym is S.A.V.I.O.R., one joined that I recalled from the halls of Copernicus.  He looks slightly different, though I realize now it’s because he has a different body, but what truly matters is the mind inside the shell.  

Cai Gawain Govannon was a student that excelled in another department from mine, but his knack for picking project names with sub-textual meaning piqued my interest.  His name itself spoke to his parents’ love of deeper meaning. Cai and Gawain by themselves might have been a simple choice of a popular traditional Welsh name, but the two together belied their purpose.  The Arthurian Legend in Wales has its own versions of the classic names. Cai is the name for Gaius, a healer and wise man. Gawain was a searcher for the Holy Grail and a Knight of the Round.

Caedechron is the name that he chose for his new robot body, and the one with which he’d seek justice and a second chance at life.  In Latin, the world caedere means “to slaughter, to kill, to fell,’ and the present imperative is caede. The suffix -chron is obviously meant to indicate time, from the latin chronos.

I have a feeling that I may have a connection to this group after all.  

I am Zeau:  Super; Otaku; Genius; Member of S.A.V.I.O.R.

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  1. I channeled Sheldon Cooper (big bang theory character) playing Tony Stark. I thought it I was going to play him, I needed to understand him a bit better.

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