Hunter or Hunted?

Hunter or Hunted?

Are you the Hunter?

Are you the Hunted?

Do you really know?

I found you, I hunted you and I took you down. You thought you were the hunter, but yet now you know, you were the prey after all.

You thought you could out hunt me, out maneuver me? I think not.

Maybe I should explain where you went wrong. You THOUGHT you were hunting me, but you used the wrong tool. The tool you used, and he was a real tool, was not a hunter, he was a killer. Killers are good for one thing…killing…mind-numbing killing. I saw that in him…He was numb to it all. So since you sent a killer, I was able to survive.

I am a true hunter, I stalk, I study, I take the advantage, I sense my prey, I feel the weakness, I let it consume me, it is my single purpose, THE HUNT. The kill is just the sticky gob that is left over after the hunt.

So, do you see…do you really see where you went wrong now? One of us was the Hunter and One of us was the Prey. I think you get it now which is which. Good-Bye Mickey Eisner, thank Mason Blood-Gut when you get to Hell. When Tyler Lynch shows up, I hope he kicks your ass for getting him a front row seat…

To the Victor goes the BEER…

6 Replies to “Hunter or Hunted?”

  1. Black Phantom got rid of him like a motherfucking snake on a motherfucking plane! Or at least I assume he did – I never saw that movie. Did anyone?

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