Horsin’ Around

Horsin’ Around

Things after the big clone fight settled down. I finally got back to doing what I like to do best. Hanging out with grandma and eating all her cookies! Life is good now. I got two of my favors done. I just have one more to find another superhero person to ask for more powers too. Should be a piece of cake! I am just gonna see if George knows someone. I think he should, or maybe the dealer would be interested in giving him some powers. I hear he was kind of a big deal. I mean his paintings are great and all, but I don’t know. Maybe its his likeable personality. Things are looking up it would seem, but I still haven’t heard from Walter. I sure miss him. I bet he’s off having lots of fun. Any how so Victor is in AA now. He told me not to tell anyone, but he says he wants to be a good spokesman. I just hope it doesn’t make him boring. I mean he did clear out the fridge. So there is that. I have a secret stash of wine in a box from Grandma. She said she probably couldn’t drink her closet full anyway before she died. So I took a few. Anyhow I’ve been taking up surfing. A shark tried to eat me, but he couldn’t bite me. He kinda just gnawed awkwardly for a bit. Then looked at me all weird like. I opened his mouth and pushed him away. I see him every now and then. He keeps trying, but I think lately he has given up. Someone said they were surprised shark attacks have been so low down here lately. I don’t know what they are talking about because like it was happening all the time to me. They gave up after a while, but yeah it was pretty often for like a month straight. So that’s my life, fun as ever. I still punch the occasional bad guy, but I guess the homeless people have been spreading my story of how I threw that can into the wall. So now people are afraid. Its kinda like that gum wall in Seattle, but its just a can in the wall in Florida. People take pictures and liken it to the other story of legend I learned about, the sword in the stone. I’ve really been into those lately ever since I learned of the fountain of youth. Victor said we could go search the Everglades next week so we will be doing that. Arcana did end up dying, but I guess I was just meant to protect her from the time travelers so I still won. Anyhow Grandma’s cookies are ready. Gotta go!

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  1. “Any how so Victor is in AA now. He told me not to tell anyone” So much for Anonymous…

    Good ol’ Hank

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