His Sister’s Note

His Sister’s Note

26th of January, 2024 – Friday

Patsy was cleaning the dishes after doing breakfast Friday morning. Garrick had tried to do them until Patsy said she wanted to help, he’d been out on patrol most of the night, and he had a work meeting to go to. She had begun wearing workout tops and sweatpants or tight jeans around the house. She had been trying all week to gauge his interest in Miss Amazing. He has spent some time almost every day this week with her, alone, doing hero stuff that was exciting. He seemed rather upbeat about everything. She was getting some coffee he had brewed before starting his mundane workday at 9 A.M. She had texted that she was going into his room because she believed some of her laundry might be mixed in his. She got a reply about the door should be open now, and as she looked up the Sci-Fi doors slide open.

When she went in she saw all of his sheets piled up in a corner and the bed had been stripped clean. Sure enough her tank top that says, “Sleeves Are Bullshit” was mixed in with some of his clothes. She sent him a selfie wearing the tank top over her sports top with a ‘Thx’ happy face emoticon. Thinking she’d be nice she went over to pick up the sheets to wash them and when she got to washer she saw some dark stains on the sheets.


Greetings Patsy Palmer, how may I be of service?

“Did Garrick have an accident of some kind last night?”

My sleep monitoring suggests he had a another session of his intermittent recurring nightmares. He is trying to find a therapist and has reached out to a Mr. Grey for help.

“Wait, he keeps talking about confrontational therapy, I thought he saw a therapist already?”

He is 92% likely referring to a small amount of court ordered sessions during his parole. His nightmares have become less over the years since he has had me monitoring them but once or twice a month is still a common trend.

“So is this blood?”

I am unable to scan this but I can set the washing machine to address it if you wish?

“Yes please do. Oh, Optimus, does he ever record what he remembers of them with you?”


“What are some of the recurring topics?”

80% Gramercy memories involving him being raped. 16% involving being rejected by his family. 2% involving you, Patsy Palmer. 2% involving Kathrine Davis.

“Once I get the wash started can you bring up anything of note about the family issue on my tablet?”

Yes. He scanned the letter his sister sent him stating her intentions for his removal from the family. This has the strongest match to your search query.

“Thank you, that should be fine.”

Patsy went over to her tablet on the kitchen island and she read the vitriol his sister had sent him three days after burying their father.

“Oh my…” she stood there in shock.




Art by: AZ_Artisan


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