A New Hero Unveiled

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

The day finally came! We, our motley band of heroes, finally got a new chance to strut our stuff! Had you told me that it would be in view of the one and only alien big shot, Alpha Prime I would have thought I would be dead, but I am alive, and here is my tale.

We met again at dear Garrick’s warehouse home, he is such a dear young man. I traveled to Norwood with the Aircar, as I was afraid that the Volvo belonging to my Brother was on some sort of wanted list.

The meeting/training session was going well, and this time I remembered to wear more appropriate exercise attire, but brought my costume, just in case. The The Man in Black ran the session as usual, but this time the Beast was there! I won’t go into the details about him- that is private, and only for him to share, but I feel bad for him- he is such a tortured soul.

We suddenly found out through some net magic that Jake, my brother, was back, and under attack! I changed quickly, and caught up to the Beast, and ran the rest of the way easily to Jake’s home.

Everyone else joined us there, Gryphon, Miss Amazing, the Man in Black, Zo, and the Geist. I did not know where the Kid or Clutz were, but no matter, as there were enemies going on to Jake’s lawn, heading to the garage! The battle commenced!

There were a bunch of people in armor sneaking on to the lawn, so I figured the rest of my team could take care of the ones in front, but my eagle eyes spied some in the back, so I rushed in to wallop some with Dempsey to give them a what for.

“Crack” went the cane on the person, and I realized, at the last second, that with all that speed and momentum I might kill the person- so I took some off on the hit. I did this 3 times with the person before I struck them perfectly, sending him off the lawn. I repeated this, with precision, with a few more- Zo helping out with his mind powers crushing one. I took out almost half the group, which I later learned were Tyche agents- and I had barely taken a scratch. I had been shot at and hit, yet not one mark. I may just be invincible! Who Knew?

Feeling strong, I saw that the Alien “Do-Gooder”, that definitely was not what she/it seemed, was coming down as my brother came out- yep, Miss Energy Hair herself, Alpha Prime! She was not going to get Jake without a fight, so I placed myself firmly in front of her, with Jake behind me. I was ready to swing if she took one small move nearer my brother, but sure enough, she backed down.

Yep, Granny2Good stood face to face with Alpha Prime, and the alien blinked! Had it been Miss Amazing standing there, Miss Energy Hair would have left even faster, as Katherine is way more intimidating than I am!

Hopefully we will have another battle soon- time to see if I can push myself farther! Plus I want more people to see my awesome new costume!


All Granny2Good pictures from our own AZ Rune.


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  1. You go girl…Granny…whatever?

    I just realized, Granny isn’t a Grandmother, she isn’t even a mother…

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