Gizergleam Peaks & Valleys – 2022

Gizergleam Peaks & Valleys – 2022

April 2nd, 2022 – Saturday

Trip is a gamer, even though he wants to believe he’s more. That being said, he is looking for the ‘perfect experience’ in gaming. For the most part, he finds most offerings on the market to be too superficial, so he was reaching out to people with private servers, especially those who seemed active ‘in the community’ and frequently updated their servers. While recovering from yet another bad experience he stumbled over a link to a user’s server called Gizergleam! The core premise is simple: dragons run this world and the ancients are often confused for gods or demons depending greatly on how they choose to present themselves. The largest mountain range and tallest peak in the world house the most ancient dragon, Gizergleam! Content to let mortals fend for themselves the ancient being is willing to share its wealth and knowledge to those that brave the challenges of its domain. Most die and are never heard from again. There are those that manage to barely escaped and bring riches home. The truly rare find artifacts of power and change the scope of their future with them.

Trip saw their was an archer/ranger style class and decided to give it a go. Three months later he was on his first raid with a group. He was so stoked because a week earlier he felt he could post a profile ‘pic’ of himself. He started getting messages about the community guidelines the picture had to be real. Gryphon_Prime started getting messages about an impostor account and he shrugged because there were people in Century Station that could fly, why not a mutant centaur! He monitored his activity and never saw anything to suggest that user: TripSpringfield, knew they were purporting a sham. The messages about adding centaurs as a playable race were thought out and rational from a design perspective.

Gryphon_Prime asked for the RAW photo file, which was sent over in minutes when he saw Trip online. He verified the file was un-doctored and the location in Century Station had reports for some time of a ‘Centaur’ living in the sub-district. Garrick updated the the Harassment and Inclusiveness clause for playing on the server. Centaurs as player races came shortly afterwards, and a cyborg version made it into Robot Swords 3 as an explosive expert named, TrapMine!

In June of 2023, Garrick or Gryphon, to Trip found out his friend had been arrested. An over protective mother accused him of public nudity and the corruption of minors. The warning was all he got because Gryphon_Prime called his only friend on the condition Trip never told anyone he had a lawyer on retainer. Garrick paid the bill for Janosh dropping everything to help his friend. Janosh made it clear to Trip his employer did not have many friends and has never paid for an intervention like this before. He should consider himself fortunate and always wear a shirt because this was precedent setting. Trip knows that Mr. Janosh Klaussowski the III is a lawyer from Silver City on Society Hill from his business card. Trip was released in the morning and paid the fine but then realized he would be shy on rent. Gryphon sent him his rent over PayPal and told him, “I never loan money to friends, it’s the quickest way to get rid of one. That being said don’t expect a Christmas Card, LOL! And we are going to cosplay Sci-Fi genre-bent Narnia for Halloween. Then we’re even, see you for the next raid!”


Art by: AZ_Artisan


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  1. The story of what actually happened in the police station between the lawyer and Trip was hilarious to envision – thanks for providing that inspiration!

  2. A shirt covers the “Human” part, how about a Manure Catcher to help cover…and recover…Modesty?

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