From the Shadows

From the Shadows

“He was wrapping up his work when I walked in on him from the shadows.” Snake Person continued. “He was under attack by several armed assailants.”

The officer interupts, “Those were the Tyche forces you mentioned earlier?”

Snake person nods. “Please continue,” he says as he grabs at his coffee. This was going to be a long night he thought to himself.

As I approached I stated, “Friend Jake, you have drawn a lot of attention to your self.”

“And what was it he said he was working on again?” the officer asked.

“His Portal device.” Snake Person returned.

“He then inquired if I would like to take post at the turrets like ‘old times’. I replied that I would and proceeded to miss every person I targeted. It would appear my skills did not keep up with me.”

The officer leaned back in his chair. “And this is when Jake’s friends arrived?”

Snake Person replied without hesitation, “This is when Ethel’s friends arrived to assist her with Jake.” He pauses and then replies, “It appears they underestimate him. They seemed very concerned about a common street thug previously from what I gathered later.”

The officer interrupts, “This is where Fat Lucca comes in?”

“No that was later. Right now the friends of Ethel come in and start fighting the Tyche troops. That was when the one self-declared as the beast damaged Jake’s property.”

The officer jots down notes.

“After a few moments the one known as Alpha Prime arrived. I believe Jake did not remember his past relation to her or so he acted. She seemed caught off guard and offended. At this time the friends of Ethel and Alpha Prime wrangled the remaining Tyche troups. That was when the alarms went off.”

“What alarms?” the officer perked up almost spilling his coffee.

“Someone very important to Jake reappeared in his life,” Snake Person said with a smirk.

“I have a feeling you aren’t going to divulge who that is?” asked the officer.

“Your assumption is correct. However, no one realized the importance save Jake and myself. Not even Alpha Prime.”

Snake person reached for his water and lapped at it with his forked tongue gingerly before putting it down.

“Alpha Prime demanded Jake surrender himself to her, but Ethel and the others got in her way. She back down and left. This was followed by a deep and long conversation about family history that led inside. The one known as the beast gave away more private information to the public. It appears that the group of friend’s of Ethel may have a saboteur in their midst. He and the earth militant discovered that the houses were a front. Jake and I had a running bet on how long it would take them to find this out. It turns out I was correct as he underestimated them by at least another six months.” Snake person smiled with pride having bested Jake once more in only a handful of attempts. “At their worry the flying swordsman flew off to an appointment and Jake took the remaining people into his closed garage. It was here his ship was discovered and the saboteur took more pictures to spread around the web. At this point with all of these pictures and panic Jake initiated Project Howl and relocated his house. This is why you were unable to find any traces of his wear about until he resurfaced. It was here that they discussed plans on what do. It seems like the young lass grew fond of him. She reminds me of Mara when she was that age. The rest of what was discussed, I cannot divulge. However, Jake and Ethel had a long talk and there was much watching of dimensional television.”

The officer perks up again at this mention of dimensional television. Visions of his dull apartment filled his mind stopping at the basic cable package he has. “If someone were to attempt to set up this dimensional television, what would they need to do?”

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  1. That’s right Snake Person! It is Ethel and her friends, and Alpha Prime backed down from Ethel! Ethel would be very happy if she knew these events.
    The player is concerned about how much Snake Person is telling the authorities, and using Ethel’s name, rather than Granny2Good.
    Fun log- loving the Snake Person angle.

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