From Outer Space, or Another Time- Who Knows Anymore?

From Outer Space, or Another Time- Who Knows Anymore?

Final Words- For Now

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered. Oh, and the picture is the last one taken of me before I left- always liked this one.

Life with my Brother is absolutely non-stop! Yes, I know- Jake died- but are you really sure? Or is this just another clone? I keep my secrets, and his!

Do I miss S.A.V.I.O.R.? Of course I do- especially sweet and powerful Beast, beautiful inside and out Katherine, strong Nathan, and intelligent Zeau. Most of all I miss Garrick– I hope he found peace, and stopped trying to put himself in front of death at all times.

Life here (Where are we right now Jake? Oh, yes, Alpha Prime- what an unfortunate name for a beautiful place) has been crazy- we have been through at least 8 time slips, and on a dozen or more planets. We are here to prevent the elimination of the human race- yes, again! I am no longer shy about using all my powers, and Snake Person has been instrumental in me learning new skills!

Jake is still Jake- we have a lot more fun in our downtime though, and I am getting really good at card games.

Someday I hope to visit home again- Jake says it is still there, and Snake Person informed us both that recently S.A.V.I.O.R. saved the world- good for them. I sure want to share all my new pictures with them- they wouldn’t believe them!

Snake Person tells me that he can leave this log on their computer system, so I leave you with these last words.

Granny still loves you all!


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem


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