Friends Yeah, If She Screws Up

Friends Yeah, If She Screws Up

Tuesday – 13th of February, 2024

Ameera Von Schöne was getting ready to go to the studio she taught at when the text regarding Garrick’s girlfriend being powered and a mind reader came in. She nodded and explained that to everyone. “If we want to keep seeing him then we need to not let his warden think he was doing something wrong.”

Tyra asked, “Wait why don’t we just pop that balloon and then he’ll be free?”

“Because,” Stefania chimed in, “When we talked about his girlfriend he didn’t describe a monster. Everything he mentioned, though brief, was how awesome she was and let’s not forget without the “Hall Pass” we all might have been dead next to those poor souls from the club.” Everyone realized they owed his girlfriend a mighty debt as well for putting him in their path so he could save them.

Tyra chimed in that he’s the one that actually diffused the bomb in Century Station Memorial Park. While she didn’t see her his partner, Miss Amazing, was the likely candidate for whom he was dating. It would make sense given the stories on the super hero forums.

Desha then mentioned, “Hey, this is simple we support him because he saves lives. If this relationship doesn’t work out we’ll still be here for him. We can pose for his art class stuff to reinforce that without being jealous of another hero that saves people to, right?” Everyone nodded in agreement and Desha added, “While we wait though we can still talk about how hard his chest is, I mean c’mon?”

Everyone broke into laughter!

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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  1. I can’t wait to see how long Garrick can hold off his harem!
    Granny’s outfit is awesome….

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