Frauen von Gryphon

Frauen von Gryphon

February 23rd, 2024 – Friday 3:37 AM

Katherine sat there looking at Garrick sleep. He needed to develop some skill with tact and timing but what she knew for a fact was she’d always have the truth. Unlike her last husband, Steven Woods, she was beginning to understand Garrick. She was nearly over mourning about what was and what was not to be. Like Steven her life with just Garrick was not going to happen. She stroked his brow when he tensed up and reach out to see what nightmare was plaguing him now. He was dreaming about Brandon Mallic, his boss, trying to kill him for agreeing to date Constance Mallic, Brandon’s sister.

When Garrick had returned home from his dinner with Constance it was almost midnight. She teased him saying, “I almost thought you’d picked up another girlfriend.” It was the shocked look on his face and the reply, “I was very upfront about you and Ameera. What are the odds of finding three women interested in me, much less me and polyamory? I swear to you, read my mind! I had no intention of going there to get another girlfriend! I wore this jacket because I lost a bet!” Katherine saw how panicked he was and they sat on the floor holding hands as she rooted through his brain for an hour! With probing questions and mimicking his seduction skill to get him spill his thoughts and think about what she wanted him to think about. She stopped after watching their first kiss and her making him leave before anything else happened. The fact that she wanted to make a good first impression was important to her, based on how Garrick remembered the events. She’d even extracted a commitment to make sure the other women in his life were taken care of. This lady was in for the long haul.

Katherine had made up her mind to make it work, but if this Mavis thought she was going to get in so quickly she had another thing coming. She sent Garrick a text:

I’ll reach out to Constance sometime today, but don’t peg me for details. Also, if you do this again within at least a few months the three of us will string you up. ? ??? Kissyface! Now please stop for awhile, and smell the roses ??? you got Garr-bear! ??? To remind you how much I love you, Constance, would be invited to the next event like last Monday night.

February 23rd, 2024 – Friday 1:38 PM

After a few text messages going through introductions and finding out Constance was getting ready to headed over to take her first class at Ameera’s dance studio.


Hi there, Constance.

Hello, Miss Amazing right? I’ve seen some videos of you and Gryphon in action. Thank you for keeping him safe. He means the world to me as I know he does to you.

I agreed to reach out after reading Gryphon’s mind about your dinner. It looks like you’ve been after him for sometime. Are you sure you want to share him?

After what he’s been through in lockup he isn’t going to look at anything in ways we would expect. I’m sure all three of us would to some degree fantasize about having such a caring and giving man to themselves. That just isn’t him though.

Tell me about it, one thing I made clear though was no one else after you for awhile. I’m doing my best to keep up because it’s all new for me as well.

Oh, I could share stories about trying to keep up with him in California, damn workaholic.

I know, right!

[Both women laugh]

Please help me with one thing regardless of your decision after we meet.

Sure, what?

Try to get him to rest more, he told me about his healing power giving him the ability to get 6 hours of sleep in 2!

Oh, but did he mention that if he changes back to soon the damage does not proportionately adjust to his normal body? He nearly bled out on me one night and just said “woops!” when he barely managed to change back!

Good grief I would’ve been a wreck if I had to see that! If you’d like I could go smack him for you?

Katherine thought long and hard and said, Just tell him you know about the blood in the shower night. Then smack him kinda nice and remind him we all talk to each other because he is big on communication and being on the same page.

Consider it done.

Tell, Ameera when you see her I think you’re cool. Oh, and Ameera gets him Tuesday night after his Giving Tree work until patrol on Wednesday night baring hero work.

Okay, maybe we could all meet and work out a day for myself, perhaps?

Sure, let’s meet at the Norwood Knights house, 42 Wallaby Way. Sunday, about 11:30 AM. When we all get there I’ll share my name with you to prevent lover boy from accidentally doing it.

[Both women laugh]

Has that happened before?

One member of our team¬†accidentally called The Gryphon in a drugged stupor and used his real name with Ameera when she answered his phone. She’s kept the secret though.

Good to know.

Also, my email is simply.amazing in case you need to send me anything. It’s encrypted and goes to my phone so nothing to worry about there.

Thank you Miss Amazing and I’ll see you this weekend!

You’re welcome Constance. I think this is going to work, see you then.

Okay, bye.


Maybe,” Katherine thought to herself as she hung up, “If I keep saying that, I’ll eventually believe it.


February 24th, 2024 – Saturday 9:00 AM

Paperwork signed between Brandon and Garrick on Friday. With copies off to each of their lawyers regarding Garrick turning over the last third of the building on April 5th, and money would be transferred on March 30th as a second payment since that third of the building was its own account on all city utilities. Garrick was pre-approved to look for properties not exceed $610,000 in value. With a realtor hand picked by Janosh. Calls were made to try and purchase 42 Wallaby Way as a rental property and just assume the lease to the tenants of the property with no changes to them. More inquiries were made into the acquisition of the Zericho Wax Museum.

However, today was interesting for Katherine. She was wondering why she had to pick the house out if she wasn’t signing on it. She completely trusted him to find a great home for them. She loved that he wanted her opinion but legally she thought it would just be his home. When she voiced this to Garrick over breakfast he paused and nodded, “Allow me to clarify a few things. Your identity needs additional paperwork to help build it clout. This house purchase will also begin to establish you a credit rating. Also, it’s “OUR” home so what makes you think you’re not signing. Besides what is the point in having money if you can’t share it with the people you love. Each of you are special to me, and I will find appropriate things to honor Ameera and Constance with. However, you’re my partner through thick and thin! I’m trying to solidify this new identity of yours with a home in “OUR” names, a starting credit rating, a legal counsel for you to call upon as needed. In June the high school part of your identity will be done or you can just go get a GED now. I just want to give you the life you never had because you’ve blessed me with a love I thought I’d never find.”

She got up out of her chair came over to Garrick and crawled up into his lap to start kissing him. A lot. After a few minutes passed Garrick told her he needed air. If she would give him that then the new dress he laid out on their bed would probably be welcomed by her. She begrudgingly got off him with mock disappointment to see what he was talking about. The dress was knee length, black wool, and a classic blue leather jacket. It fit her on the first try, he said he had ordered it on Etsy with her measurements from her costume. The jacket was also from an Etsy vintage merchant.

“I have read that every woman loves a black dress and the jacket goes with your hair. Would sure look pretty for house hunting. Besides, the realtor will be here in 40-45 minutes. I have your uniform cleaned and packed in the truck just in case.” Katherine looked so happy because they were doing normal, couple, stuff together. Just the two of them. She may be forced to share him with the other women, but for now he was just all hers. They spent most of Saturday looking for homes in the nice portions of Norwood, Willingham, Xenophan and even one in Retropolis.

They narrowed it down from 16 homes to two choices in Norwood ($215,000 & $295,000), two in Willingham ($287,000 & $328,000), and one in Xenophan ($467,000). The Realtor gave them the paperwork on each and codes to go in for the next 72 hours. He would come back by next Saturday and hopefully they would’ve decided and be ready to make an offer. When Garrick said there would be no payment plan and it would be for the full value of the home in one shot! The realtor said he’d have a great deal more wiggle room in what amount to offer on a cash sale. Garrick thanked him and looked forward to seeing him next Saturday.

Once he was gone Garrick said something that caught Katherine off guard, “I’m wanting to do naughty things with you so much, but…”

“But? But? How is there a “but” to wanting to do things I have been waiting for all day?”

“I have to adult right now. I’ve got to go and get the groceries, house supplies, food for the Giving Tree meals, and a few surprise dishes. Would you be okay going to the store with me before we head home?”

“If it means at least a little more time with you and you alone, then let’s go!”¬†Garrick used his phone to track shopping lists. Checking with the team by texting Richard and Beast if there were any updates. Knowing his Starscream A.I. predicted a Monday completion of the document review he didn’t probe either one to hard for updates. He did let Richard know that April 1st, Would be the last day for anything at his house. Hopefully his plans up could be ready by then or we could rent a warehouse as a back up. He also let Nathaniel know this as well.

February 24th, 2024 – Saturday 10:00 PM

It was just about patrol time and Katherine was changing into her hero outfit when she saw Garrick yawning in the bathroom. He splashed water on his face before saying his phrase that changed him into the Gryphon. Per the radio chatter from the police bands most of their night was spent helping Zeau in Javarta around Copernicus University. S.A.V.I.O.R. was well received in and around the campus, though everyone they saved kept asking if #JakeThompsonLLC was secretly a teacher at the University.

He had done an admirable job fending off requests for #PartyWithTheGryphon from the people they saved. He directed them to reach out to the hashtag #NorwoodKnights on social media as he occasionally hangs out with the people using it and the @NorwoodKnights social media handle. Miss Amazing made sure to warn Ameera their membership may be growing. When they got home and he changed back it was 3:30 AM on the 25th and he said wake him up at 10:30 AM and he fell straight to sleep. She texted Constance that she saw a way this could all work out details at the meeting. Then she went to bed herself setting a multitude of alarms.

February 25th, 2024 – Sunday 10:30 AM

Garrick had a very odd feeling as he woke up from having some very adult dreams. Gryphon's Angels He had been fighting crime with his three girlfriends and then it was the unwind scenario that seemed straight out of a porno trying to have a plot line. When he opened his eyes though Miss Amazing sitting on top of him, wearing her mask and nothing else. She leaned down and kissed him on the ear, “So, stud, what’s it like to wake up to part of your dream? We have 15 minutes and the clock is ticking, so this has to be a quickie. Now, make me believe I’m amazing!”

…15 loud minutes later…

Katherine was bounding out of bed re-energized. Garrick was blushing from head to toe as he got dressed. She loaded his food stuff up into the car. He packed the supplies for the art studies today’s subject matter would entail. She gave him a big kiss and told him she had some things to see to as well today and she’d see him soon enough. Garrick looked so happy as he wished her well and left for 42 Wallaby Way.

The first thing she did was text Shorty #1 and asked him to check with Ethel if she could come by Sunday night for old movies and her lasagna? Then she got in her car and headed over to show up after Garrick. She got back on her group chat and told Ameera she was going to rip the band-aid off today. Monday worked out and it was a great fall back but she needed to know how she’d react when it came time to stay over somewhere. Ameera asked if she had someone to stay with. She said she wanted to have dinner with a new friend, but would Tyra and her meet her at her and Gryphon’s house afterwards and help her through the night? Soon enough she got the reply they’d both be there when she called. Feeling a bit better she headed over to follow Garrick to 42 Wallaby Way.

Constance sent a reply she was wrapping a few things up and would be there about 11:45 AM. When Ameera asked if she had visited that sports apparel store in Xenophan, she sent a “Maybe” and a “?” emoji. Everyone knew she was getting the new red & black high-end Under Armor outfit for meeting Garrick outside of work. When they all finally met up out front of Stefania and Desha’s place on Wallaby Way. Hugs were shared all around. Realizing that Constance and Katherine were the same height at 5’6″ and Ameera was only scantly taller at Garrick’s normal height of 5’8″. Garrick himself was in the back. Antonia and he had set up sketch pads across from one another, drawing each other like dueling artists in a 30 minute warm up challenge.

During this time Katherine shared her name with Constance and laid out her plan. Sunday night and Tuesday night were the only nights Garrick never went out on patrol with her or the team. While she has not discussed this with him yet these are the days she’s willing to share him. Both Constance and her bonded over being new to this style of relationship and Ameera said she would help them with questions and references as much as possible. Katherine’s been reading as much as she can about polyamory being so many styles that it broaches on an ala’carte style dating and marriage. However, she believes that while Garrick liked the group fun from last Monday night it was personal relationships he seemed to gravitate more to. She showed them the note about his affection to her for the surprise orgy after the Papa Zombie take down. Now she was not sure how she was going to react when he didn’t come home but she knew he’d be safe with either Constance or Ameera.

The rule was that when he was with whomever got him on one of those days she’d try to not text or call him unless it was hero work or really important. If they could agree that they’d not call or text during patrol times unless they saw him or S.A.V.I.O.R. on the news. Next rule was he had to stop getting anymore partners for a few months while everyone got use to a new kind of normal. Third, everyone use some form contraception because kids would complicate issues a great deal. The 24 hours would go from 10 PM to 10 PM because that matched up with patrol times. So if Constance was game then Garrick would go home with her tonight and be available to her until 10 PM Monday when he’d start patrol with Miss Amazing. She apologized to Ameera but Tuesday night was his weekly charity at the Giving Tree. It often let out at 11 PM but perhaps it could be arranged to scale it back an hour from 7 PM to 10 PM? If everyone agreed then any other dating outside of this would be communicated so no one felt anyone was cheating by hiding it.

When they were done with their meeting Garrick was painting Tyra in oils & acrylics. She had posed in one of the long pool chairs holding a book in a fake representation of reading it. This was the first time Katherine had watched him around the girls. Stefania took the sandwiches Kat had brought and served them to everyone. At one point she realized Constance was studying him as well.

Katherine asked, “Do you see it too?”

Constance nodded, “He’s smiling and effortlessly charming. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t realize this.” Garrick yawned again since he wasn’t changed. Stefania brought him some tea and mentioned he had 15 minutes before he had to change models again. Garrick nodded and said he couldn’t wait to meet the new model they had been teasing him about. Katherine looked at Constance, “I doubt he’s going to put up much of a fight about going home with you. You’re about to get your wish to see him rested.”

“Thank you for being so brave and open with him and me. He’s never been over to my home before, I am very excited.”

“Time for us to go and stun him. Have you had any experience being a model? Your outfit looks great by the way.”

Constance looked a little embarassed but nodded after a moment. “Just once. He knows about it.” Then the three of them walked into his view. To say the artist heroically known as the Gryphon was surprised when Katherine, Constance, and Ameera walked out would be an understatement.

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Art by: AZ_Artisan


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