Find Joy in Little Things

Find Joy in Little Things

Easy Ways to Have a Fuller Life

An Article written by Ethel Falkenberg

If you ask me,too much of our days are spent in the rat race now. These are some things that I find relaxing, and are good for the soul, that anyone can do!

One of my personal favorites that I took home from a trip to Great Britain once many years ago, that I try to stay with, is the concept of tea time. Now I realize that most people cannot carve out hours during the week to take time for tea, but it is a surprisingly simple escape on the weekends,and rather inexpensive. Now I love a proper tea- letting the leaves steep, filling your home with their essence! There is a fine tea shop in Yesterday Park, London Towne, but you can pick up decent tea at any grocery store! If you aren’t a pro in the kitchen, buy a platter from any deli, and do your housekeeping- or even plod away at your computer while the tea steeps- the smell will find you calming even then! When the tea is ready,unplug, and sit on your balcony or porch, or in your yard, and take some time to relax with your own thoughts- you will find you are better for it!

Speaking of housekeeping, I do not understand why people hate it so much! There is supreme pleasure in a well-kept house, and a sense of pride of ownership! I turn on my favorite music, loud so I can hear it wherever I am, and go to town! If you clean your own house you don’t lose as many things either!

Gardening I have saved for last, for it is the most rewarding and enjoyable simple task. A garden can range from a few herbs and/or flowers in a window to an outside space, but no matter the size it is good for the soul! Seeing a flower bloom that you cared for will bring you joy, and eating an herb, fruit, or vegetable will taste better than anything you ever bought!

I hope that all you readers try these simple things- they will improve your life!

Reader note- This is an article that Ethel wrote 5 years ago that is still in the archive of the Silver Hill Sentinel. A copy of it hangs in her home.


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem


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  1. While, I’m not a tea drinker, I do enjoy taking care of my “garden” (read yard). I maintain a nice green lawn with squared up edges and very few weeds, would you expect any less from me. I’ve planted several hastas last year. They have all come back this year.

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