Entrevista con Victor y Hank

Entrevista con Victor y Hank

Interview With Victor and Hank

This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

“So, tell me what happened,” Eliza Gunn, from Channel 9, began.

“Tell me about yourselves, you two heroes,” interrupted Lori Landry, from Channel 5.

The horseman, formerly known as Triple Crown Winner La Flamma Blanca, and now going simply as Hank, replies simply, “We just did what anyone would do.”

Lori, looking shocked, exclaimed, “You put a hole in a robot!”

“I was just acting in self-defense- wouldn’t you do the same? I am nothing special,” and took a sip of Tecate® beer.

Victor Valenzuela, famous jockey as rider of La Flamma Blanca, and even more recently famous for his Tecate® commercials with Hank, now spoke up. “We were filming a commercial for Tecate®, minding our own business, when these robots showed up! We were Bold, like Tecate®,” and with this statement held up a beer. “Tecate®! Be Bold!” and took a swig before continuing, “So we fought the attackers to save the innocent people!”

Eliza stepped in here, but was shocked to hear Lori say the same words at the same time, “So are you new members of S.A.V.I.O.R.?”

“Yes, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, have you?” Hank replied.

“No, the group of heroes that were here, S.A.V.I.O.R.,” said Eliza.

“Si, yes, Jesus Cristo is a hero,” Victor retorted, seriously. “He is awesome, and Hank and I thank him every day for our powers, and for Tecate®.”

Lori jumped in, “So you are heroes with S.A.V.I.O.R.?”

Hank paused in his drinking, “Yes, I said, we have accepted Jesus as our savior. George told me about him. Have you accepted him as your savior?” he asked pointedly.

Eliza answered yes, and Lori said she believed in the Church of Reflections. At that point a handsome graying man walked up to Hank and Victor, and stretched to put his arms around both of them.

Victor greeted him, “Hola, senor Greg!”

“I am glad you two are safe.”

“We were just explaining to these two ladies that we were just trying to protect the innocent people,” Victor explained, “But they keep asking about Jesus Christo, the Savior.”

Hank butt in, “I have told them many times that we have accepted Christ as our savior.”

Greg paused, a smile on his lips, “They are talking about S.A.V.I.O.R., the hero group, and yes, we at Tecate® are negotiating with Spirit Enterprises to have Hank and Victor join S.A.V.I.O.R.”

“They must be very religious,” Victor said under his breath.

“Back to what happened, can you describe it,” Lori inserted, trying to get the story on track.

Hank and Victor regaled the two interviewers with their heroics; Hank constantly downplayed the effort, while Victor inserted as many Tecate® references as possible. Finally, an EMT arrived, and immediately tried to get Hank to end the interview- he had been hit hard during the battle, and was hurt.

Greg stepped in, “Enough questions, Hank needs to get medical help.” He ushered the two away to the EMT vehicle. “So, Victor and Hank, you ready to join a hero group? It will be great for Tecate®’s image.”

“Si, senor Greg- but the next interview I give I need to know what S.A.V.I.O.R. stands for, so the public can know!”


Greg Nugent picture from our own Adamantium_Art.


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  1. And it will be interesting to see the looks on their faces when they say Cavalry is Calvary, the hill upon which Jesus died, and Zeau tries to explain the difference. Especially since it seems that Victor gets more hispanic the more he drinks. (Am I right about that one, Victor The Real?)

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