¿En qué me he metido?

¿En qué me he metido?

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

Dios mío!(OMG) What trouble have I found for myself and Hank? Should I tell Senor Greg? I don’t know if Tecate® would approve of this, but I am going to try to spin it positively to the media! I also will finally push out what S.A.V.I.O.R stands for, so people don’t make the same mistake I did- because these people are definitely not aligned with Jesus Christo!

We went to some Church of Mirrors, the Church of Reflections, and Diablos (Devils) were there, hiding among the regular people! Stranger yet, the “true believers” of this church are monstrous things acting like people, and they are good guys!

The Hombre Negro, I think he calls himself Black Ghost, had been screaming at us on our communicators that he was under attack, so, of course, Hank and I come in with our signature move, the slingshot, and I fired him at some giant bull! So sorry, bull man, lo siento, but I think the guy that acts like Samuel Jackson shoots first and asks if they were good guys later. Sam Jackson asks to get two other guys, actually a man and woman, Stella and John, but this time I just rubber banded around them, and Senor Robot, who likes to be called Cai, flew me and the 2 captives back to headquarters, with Hank running casually behind.

The HQ computer threatened to attack Hank! I thought that the Leader had fixed that, but that was not the case! Poor Hank left, and went back to his “Grandma’s”. I feel bad for Hank, he got charged by the bull, then got threatened by the computer- he did not have a good night.

It did give Cai and I a chance to talk together- here is the conversation we had. The Hombre Negro, screaming again (I need to find the volume control on these communicators, or I will go deaf) about someone, or something, named Shorty, not doing their job.

“I need to grab more Tecate®,” I started.

“Sounds good. I will grab a rappelling/parachute harness from the Hangar, give it to you to put on, and then will hold on to the harness with my utility arms.

“Si, this sounds good, allows me to be more free! I have a question, Senor Robot, what is a Shorty?”

“Shorty is a hairless growth never found on women.”

I was confused! “Que? I mean what? Some sort of disease? (Meanwhile I followed Cai) And what name should I call you?”

“You can call me Cai or Caedechron. My parents called me Cai, this unit’s designation is Caedechron.”

“What about the disease called Shorty?”

“He’s a prepubescent little snotrag. Offspring of an old member of the group.”

I was even more confused. “A group member made a snotrag disease as a child?”

“That’s a good description of the situation.”

We then entered a communications room where there were explicit scenes on a monitor and a teenager, well, being disgusting to those scenes. Soon after we were screamed at again to return, and, deafened, flew back. I will let others tell of the scene, but let me say that Cai seems to be as bloodthirsty as the Black Ghost, unfortunately.


Picture from Singularity Hub


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  1. An interesting perspective. Seems like there’s a lot to talk about and work out in character. But first – cookies at Grandma’s!

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