Emails To H.R.

Emails To H.R.

February 19th, 2024 – Monday: 11:55 AM

Garrick emails Constance Mallic ~

Sent just before he went to lunch.

A second e-mail arrives about 20 minutes later. It’s a meeting invitation for Thursday night at a restaurant in Willingham called “Kizl’s”.

Garrick accepts the dinner invitation and then makes sure Optimus lets him know as a backup to his work alerts.

Afterwards Garrick searched for “Kizl’s” to make sure he dresses appropriately. Kizl’s Wine Bar & Restaurant is listed as a restaurant where innovative American small plates & entrees join lengthy wine lists in chic, candlelit environs. It’s rated 4.6/5 online.

Other comments from Garrick’s search included:

  • “Exquisite food, an award-winning wine list, and an upscale atmosphere make Kizl’s ideal for an elegant evening.”
  • “A sophisticated and imaginative American eclectic menu with a first rate wine list for all budgets. Serving large and small plates perfect for pairing with their extensive wine list, including, full and half bottles and wine by the glass.”

There is no formal dress code noted, and people seem to dress casual to formal, depending on time of day and occasion. Reviews are very positive. Before he realized it, the afternoon was over and it was time to prepare to meet at Spirit Enterprises for the first team meeting. Time flies when you’re Google-ing the Internet!

Garrick suddenly realized Constance is finally getting the dinner she asked him on during the first Robot Swords movie. Then he remembered the promise she’d extracted from him in the Saki Bar on December 9, 2020. It was a Wednesday two days after his birthday and four days after Robot Swords had been released! Brandon, Garrick, and her had gone there in order to celebrate the amazing reviews Robot Swords was getting and Gary’s birthday! Alas, that is another tale.


Art by: AZ_Artisan
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6 Replies to “Emails To H.R.”

  1. Garrick didn’t remember about the RS4 discussions because he wasn’t told. That’s okay though, this breach of the ToS is Constance’s own fault for not telling Garrick to not to tell anyone. 😉

  2. My first thought with this title was, “Why is he e-mailing a character from The Flash?” The Flash on CW has made me always see “H.R.” as a person’s name now instead of its standard abbreviation.

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