El Espadachín y Hombre de Goma

El Espadachín y Hombre de Goma

The Swordsman and Rubberband Man

The mismatched pair sat in the room of Dr. Moore in the Archangel Hospital Center, speaking in hushed tones. They were guarding the Doctor, who they, along with others in S.A.V.I.O.R., and were taking the opportunity now to get to know each other better. The diminutive former Jockey, all 3′ tall of him, began the hushed discussion. He had stood up, as the hospital chair was particularly uncomfortable, as it was designed for someone almost twice his height- someone like Garrick, who sat near the door to the room.

“So, Senor Gryphon, I know you have sword and lots of powers, and a bit of a death wish. Others have mentioned you like lots of women- tell me about yourself. I want to know more about the man I am following. Also, why is S.A.V.I.O.R. so bloodthirsty? “

Garrick stared out the door as he began to answer, “I still don’t know how everyone found out about my girlfriends. Miss Amazing might have said something I suppose. Well my mundane name (checks to make sure they’re alone) is Garrick Faulkner. If you read a lot, I’m descended from William Faulkner the author. I started out as a Robotic and Extra Terrestrial scientist interested in making autonomic homes on other planets to get humanity into the solar system and beyond.”

Garrick looked directly at Victor now, and Victor alternated his glance between the speaker and the door. “According to the women in my life I am what they call Polyamorous in that I don’t feel tied to traditional pair bondings. Miss Amazing lives with me, and I date another scientist, plus a yoga/dance instructor. To be fair this has only been going on since January so anything I mention is 3 going on 4 months now. Not just in my relationship status but with the team as well.”

“That is a lot of confusing to me- juggling many women relationships, but you seem to have lots of energy, so to each their own. At least now I understand the jokes,” replied Victor.

“You see, we started out as Mavericks meeting to find out if working together we could be more than the sum of our own individual parts. To quote your company’s motto in a fashion, to Be Bolder as a group. When we realized we were getting to close to police involvement none of us actually wanted to hurt a cop just doing his job. Richard had a corporation, one of our team members had ancient dirt on Xander Fi. Soon we had the money to afford the insurance and other stuff to be a legal group of sponsored heroes. Today’s battle has been the most cohesive we have ever been in a fight.”

Victor smiles, “Si, we were a good team today. You gave orders, we followed, but I fear sometimes you are too noble, and think that you can do too much.” Victor reaches under his shirt and brings out a Tecate® Beer, and offers it to Garrick.

Garrick continues but declines, “Nothing personal, I just don’t think drinking while doing Hero work sends the right message. Be Bold, for certain, but Be Bold responsibly. Hmmm, maybe that should be on a poster for Tecate® ‘Be Bold – Responsibly, Like SAVIOR!’ I am not a marketing guy, but it sounds catchy.

“Si, muy bueno, very good, I like that. I don’t get drunk or even buzzed while doing hero work, but I feel almost lost without the boldness of Tecate®! It is like my, how you say, magic elixir?”

“As to your concern, though. Now don’t misunderstand I am horrified at the loss of life today. But if Obelisk could have brought the building down, then how much worse would it have been?”

“I agree, if the big guy crashing had taken down building, many more lives would have been lost. I just wonder about you trying to take him on alone. I am glad the Goth woman decided to help you. Aren’t there more members of the team? Where were they? Who determines how many of the group goes where?”

“When I called Shorty, he mentioned those same robots had attacked the city again. The last time that happened was when we met for the first time. It was also the night Dr. Inbur and his company were attacked. The only connection so far is the Beast having been a patient for both doctors. Shorty, while flustered, did a great job in letting us know The Geist had taken the rest of the team to go help deal with that issue. I haven’t had time to check but I hear the same groups were able to handle the problem better. So my – as you put it – most noble sacrifice helped to give them better strategy. So I’ve decided, based on what I know and can make connections with, at this moment that Synistry is using the robots to distract the city at large while a small strike team hits their real target.”

“So this is what I mean,” a confused Victor interrupts, “Are you the leader or is the Geist?”

“I’m not sure why this is hard? Geist is in (checks again to make sure they’re alone and Dr. Moore is out cold) his day to day the head of Spirit Enterprises. It doesn’t allow him to lead the main group he’d send into action. Often he will join in only when situations call for additional support. I was elected to lead the main team, but all of S.A.V.I.O.R. answers to the man floating the bill. In this ‘potentially unique’ situation that happens to also be Geist. Most groups don’t have their CEO as a member so the organizational structure is likely easier to follow.”

“I do think we’re short changing Black Phantom’s contribution though, because without his premonition I would not have leaped into action as I did. I suppose what I’m trying to wheel around to is that most work groups/teams don’t work in the high-stress environments we do. We are so new still Black Phantom did the best he could to give us some cohesion. However, hero work, like law enforcement, can make situations that could be worked out and make them very difficult because a split second reaction could mean the difference if someone dies.”

“Senor Gryphon, I did feel, and also mention, that it was not fair for us to vote when he was not there.”

“While I was fine throwing my name in. I did abstain for a few reasons. I’ve reached out to Black Phantom and he replied he’d let me know when to come over to the bar for a chat.”

“The Beast had a valid argument, Phantom is not known for being loquacious in expressing himself. I think we may need a decompress period after missions – provided they can be had situationally – to prevent and address further issues like that going forward.”

“But evil never sleeps, no? Do you at S.A.V.I.O.R. run shifts, so people have time to rest while others do work?”

“Often, with as new as we are there are not enough members to run shifts. So the current goal was night time patrols, and because we have worked together, then we could team up into smaller groups for patrols and any special missions that might crop up. It is one of the reasons I am going to the 72nd Precinct in Norwood this weekend. I want to learn how the CSPD does their operation and see what I can bring back. Thank God I don’t need sleep when I am transformed, and only three hours when I’m not. Otherwise being a, team supervisor, would kill me on lost of sleep alone.”

“I know so little about heroes and villains in the city at large and I feel that led to my determining I could tackle Obelisk alone. Had the Beast not shown up when I was flying him out to drop him into the Gulf of Mexico I am not sure what the outcome would have been. He’s stronger physically than the angel in my sword. Conversely, had I known about him I wonder if that would have made me hesitate and cause more lives lost? Today we did what I am told the Centurions do, we tangled with the toughest group in the city! We saved Dr Moore from sharing the fate of Dr. Inbur whom also worked on, or with, Beast in some form or fashion,” says Garrick, looking at the Doctor on the bed.

“You mean that they caused Beast to go all multiple personality? Poor guy, he seems so nice!” Victor glares at the Doctor. “Maybe I should not have saved him. Also, while impressive for you in defeating Obelisk, he was saved, and we fought only a few of the evil Synistry. There are more of them, no?”

“Nonsense, without Dr. Moore we loose info on what Synistry is working to accomplish. Besides, saving someone’s life is not a crime, existing is not a crime. Perhaps this will allow him the opportunity to make better life choices. You did that Victor, you gave him another chance to be better, to be Bold. Take comfort in that.” Garrick stands up, and says loudly, “I think someone in Synistry, that evil supergroup, figured out how to make a super based on the combined research of these doctors!” Garrick sits down, and quietly says, “Sorry, my brain never really shuts off. Yes, I think there are more of them? I’ll ask if we can get a file on Synistry sent over to Spirit to clarify that.
Great questions Rubberband Man!”

“We should find out! If you find out where their operation is, I could sneak in and find out more information,” Victor says excitedly.

Gryphon begins to pen an email to Geist about his theory, the robot attacks, and the real threat behind it all from his perspective.

Art by our own AZ_Artisan

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  1. Because Richard vouched for him, and he’s played a “wait and I’ll tell you in time” with Miss Amazing. Gryphon justs trusts Rubberband Man to be a good dude.

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