El Distribuidor

El Distribuidor

The Dealer

This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I am very concerned about my friend Hank, and his dealings- specifically with the Dealer. Let me sum up.

I returned to S.A.V.I.O.R. after seeing the bigwigs at Tecate® in Mexico, and what a ride I had to meet them! Richard arranged a ride for me, and it was a rocket taxi! The driver, Dopinder, is very skilled, and amazingly fast! Sometime when we have some down time I would love to see Dopinder race the Beast!

So I got to the group just as Hank was heading to meet the Dealer. Everyone but Hank came up with strategies to monitor the alley, and help Hank if he needed it. Best laid plans go awry, and I barely get into some weird room in a wall, and only the Beast, with his amazing speed, joins us. The Beast literally broke down the wall, and all there was…. it was the void, I think. I can see in true darkness, and there was nothing there.

Hank and the Dealer negotiated for a while, and Hank agreed to do 3 favors for the Dealer in exchange for the power of invulnerability. I am afraid of what those favors are, and what effects Hank will experience, but I will stand with my friend.


Picture courtesy Palladium Books®


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