This story, as all others by me, Victor Valenzuela, is brought to you by Tecate®. Tecate® Beer: We Are Bold!

I am not sure I can measure up! Not only in height, but in capabilities, in stature, in strength, and in grace. I have now met the amazing Ethel Falkenberg, aka Granny2Good, and I have found myself lacking. There is not enough Tecate® in the world to make me Bold enough to be her.

Not only was she the sister of the greatest hero in Century Station’s history, Jake Thompson LLC, but she held her own with him! She got up and delivered a moving eulogy, surrounded by much of the city, in an event with polished speakers and politicians. This is what I remember about her eulogy.

“One thing in particular left a profound impression on me. He had an incredibly sharp and vigorous and rigorous mind. As a public man, he always seemed to believe the greatest sin was remaining passive in the face of challenges, and he never stopped living by that creed. He gave of himself with intelligence and energy and devotion to duty, and his entire country owes him a debt of gratitude for that service.”

“Oh, yes, he knew great controversy amid defeat as well as victory. He made mistakes, and they, like his accomplishments, are a part of his life and record. But the enduring lesson of Jake Thompson is that he never gave up being part of the action and passion of his times. He said many times that unless a person has a goal, a new mountain to climb, his spirit will die. His spirit was very much alive to the very end.”

What a regal and impressive woman! How can I take her place in S.A.V.I.O.R? She was the meaning of the initials- Swift (what I read says she was super fast), Altruistic (just read her giving eulogy), Valiant (a great hero, 2Good indeed), Industrious (she was also an accomplished artistic photographer), Observant (she had super sight and hearing), and Valiant (she was a true Hero.)

I spent the whole day drunk and depressed, but now I have a new goal- to try and measure up to Granny2Good!


Art by our own AZ_Artisan


5 Replies to “Duda”

  1. Yeah, I don’t think that Victor *can* stop the public drunkenness… Though more of a refined “Drink Responsibly” spokesperson might be what Tecate wants… But then again, maybe not. What we may need to do, is host “Tecate Sponsored” parties, or huge blowouts at a convention center somewhere? Maybe funds raised by the cover charge can offset hunger or housing or education or police efforts?

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