The seas weren’t the calm blue that the Beast was used to. The roiled, an inky darkness floating on the surface. Lightning lit the sky as bolts struck around him, illuminating the clouds.

“Where are you!?” The Beast yelled out into the rolling seas.

“Oh, do you fear the dark?” Thanatos called out in a voice that spoke from the midst of the lightning.

The Beast had to think for a moment before he answered. So much of who he was, which was tied up in his ability to see the others when they were in control, was part of the light. Even here, with the bright blue sky above the illuminating light blue sea, it was a place of light and hope.

That is, of course when Thanatos wasn’t in control. Something about what Thanatos was, his artificial nature, made it so that while he was in control The Beast had no connection to him.

And that was worrisome with all the taunting that he did to the beast as the Beast floated in the sea.

“You can’t hold out forever! You’re…”

“In control. That’s all I have to say. Don’t drown.”

“Thanatos!” The Beast screamed out at the heavens, but only the lightning answered back.

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