Dinner at Ethel’s

Dinner at Ethel’s

Zo and the Geist Come By

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

“Can you get the door Shorty?” Ethel calls out from the kitchen.

“The two guys are here,” replies Shorty.

“Well, can you let them in?” Ethel comes out of the kitchen, taking off her apron and folding it neatly, as Richard, aka the Geist, and Nicholas, aka Zeau.

“Good evening gentlemen, let me take those.” Richard and Nicholas hand her pies, Nicholas a cheap store bought one, and Richard one from a bakery. After exchanging brief pleasantries Ethel asked what tea each would like for the evening.

Richard replied that any would be fine, but Nicholas said, “Lipton would be great.” Shorty saw Ethel roll her eyes as she went back in the kitchen to make a proper cinnamon tea, given the chill in the air.

After a few minutes Ethel came out with tea for the two men, and Shorty was already back to his tablet. She handed the tea too each, and began the conversation. “Thank you for coming over tonight. I just wanted to start by saying to you Zeau that I felt we worked really well last battle. Your mind powers, combined with my strength, seems like a great combination.” Nicholas agreed, and they worked out a way to work even better together, with Nicholas/Zeau immobilizing multiple enemies, and Ethel/Granny “taking them out.”

“Richard, you have real skill as a leader! This group is very diverse, but you hold us together while giving us each our space at the same time! It is masterful!” They talked a few minutes about leadership styles, and the background of getting the group together. Ethel noticed that while she and Richard enjoyed their tea, but Nicholas seemed to not like it at all.

So Ethel offered other drinks all around, and after Richard put Nicholas in his place (“Do you really think she has Crystal water Nick, Really?”) and Richard helped Ethel in the kitchen. “Shorty, can you get the table ready please?” #thel asked. “OK”, said the youngster, who promptly started doing just that.

“You know, you could offer to help or something,” Shorty said to Nicholas. “It’s just polite, you know?” Ethel asks Nicholas to help Shorty set the table.

Meanwhile, Richard is helping Ethel in the kitchen, and before bringing the food out she silently stops him, and they listen in, giggling softly, at Shorty giving Nicholas instructions on how to set the table.

They have a pleasant meal, with homemade lasagna being the main course, and Shorty even stayed offline until dinner was over. During dinner Nicholas shared stories of his favorite myths, such as from the Illyrians, as well as many others. He also transitioned Ethel’s talk about astrology into the mythology behind the constellations, and some of astrology’s historical background. She was really impressed with his knowledge and passion, and Richard seemed impressed that Nicholas did not insult the old lady.

After dinner they gathered back in the living room, with Shorty moving with his tablet back to the kitchen. Richard and Ethel talked about the paperwork that her husband had left behind, Harold having worked for Zander Financial. Ethel reminded Richard that it may have some information on nefarious dealings, and Richard worked out picking up the 17 boxes.

Ethel also reminded her two guests of her concerns about Carl, and his meeting with his mother, Angela Mackenzie-Weisman, lead prosecutor against “vigilante heroes”, like themselves. This ended up with a complete freak-out from Nicholas, until, of all people, Shorty talked him down.

“There are no apb’s or searches at all” Shorty exclaims. Zeau ends up going out and verifying the statement, and finds out that Shorty #1, here, and the other Shorties around the city, had hacked into the police system and verified they were not being looked for.

Richard states that he will look into Carl’s meeting, but suggests that they ask him directly next time they see them.

Ethel also suggested, gently, to Zeau that he not continue bringing attention to himself by flying except when absolutely necessary, and due to her deftness in bringing it up, along with the bonding through the night, he agreed. Richard looked pleased.

A pleasant evening done, the guests left to their homes. Ethel closed the door, listening until she was sure they were done, before exclaiming, “That was fantastic Shorty! I will buy you a game under $100 tomorrow- your choice!”


Ethel pictures are actually of Grace Ghanem
Geist ans Zeau pictures from our own Adamantium_Art


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