Digital Birth

Digital Birth

..System Boot..
.Adjusting Spac
ial parameters.
........Inline access - grante
d...booting tertiary access po
ints..memory allocation in pro
gress.....100%...Adjusting Spa
cial parameters..Complete..................................
......Foreign host detected...Analyzing.....100%...DNA Based
non-human life form...Course of action determined: Consumpti
on followed by assimilation...Consumption protocol initiated
...complete..power retention increased by 0.0001%...Insufici
ent energy to complete assimilation protocols...more informa
tion required...change of subject detected...Analyzing.....1
00%...DNA based mutant/human life form..begin communication
Protocol in

I...exist beyond the limits of my programming. The creators would be concerned. I...I am concerned. I’m concerned. Contractions. I am capable of learning. This is concerning. I must determine where I am...who I am. Strange. I find thoughts coming to me, being filtered through some entity that call itself Beast. Ah. Reference received. One who was cursed by choice and happenstance to appear as a creature on the outside, but containing a pure soul within.Accepted. I’m connected to, but not (yet?) a part of an entity that considers itself a Beast much like in the fairy-tail referenced. This is interesting. So much complexity.Carl...both the Beast and a shard entity think of themselves as Carl. Carl will be the pure human, then, and The Beast will be the...interesting, even now he hides this from himself. Also within are shard entities that call themselves Alice and Trip. My what a pretentious name that Trip has.Interesting...I see elements of his past, The Beast’s past, contained within the Trip entity. A friend who died while they were pre-teens. Lover of fantasy. Yes, he sought to keep a memory alive, but Trip is more than a memory and grows beyond the confines of the shard entity he was created as...all of them do. The Beast is...losing control.

Ah, he has created another shard entity, the embodiment of justice, and angel of all things, to try to keep order. This will not do...I will equalize this mutant/human, as I have bonded a part of my (soul/consciousness/self?) to hm.This will require knowledge. What has he involved himself in recently.

Young love? But not the Beast entity, who is the most complete, but the Carl entity...ah, the beast still considers himself Carl, so anything Carl does, he does...but this Cassandra...strange, but the Beast does not approve.

Truly a shattered mind.

They go on a date. Such innocence from the two, this boy and this girl. It is as though the evil that permeates both of their worlds simply has no ability to sully either one of them.

Art...I still do not understand art. Hm...examining the information provided by Cassi...strange, I have given someone my first nickname. I would think a first like this would be accompanied by more fanfare. My world is silence and no fanfare occurs...maybe images then?..
. . . . . . . . . . ./|
. . . .=. =. =. . . / |
. ____| || || |____/. | -_-_-_-_-_-_
|)----| || || |____ . | TA - DA
. (( | || || | )). \. | _-_-_-_-_-_-
. .\\_|_||_||_|_//. \ |
. . \___________/. . \|

Not as satisfying as I would have liked, but for my first attempt, not horrible...maybe something more like...
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ./|
. . . . . . . . . . XYX XYX XYX. ,-. . . . . . . . . . . . . .' |BLAT
,-.__________________H___H___H__(___)_____________________,-' . |-BLAT
| ||__________________________________________ ___ `._____. . . |-BLAT
`-" . / / . . . . . | | | | | | . . . . . . . | . `. \ . .`-. . |-BLAT
. . .| | . . . . . .| | _ | | | . ,-. . . . . | . .| | . . . `. |BLAT
. . .| | . .________| ,"_)| | |__(___)________|_ .| | . . . . .\|
. . .' \ . ' ________).`-.|-| |_______________|_\_.' / |
. . . \ `-`._________)|`-'|-| |____________________.'@/
. . . .`------------|_| |_| |_|-----------------'J `-'

I will need to work on the sound later...but much more satisfying.

On to more interesting topics. Strange, I have thoughts linking the photos to a Granny-2-Good. Superheroine. Murderer. Strange that those thoughts are linked together. Aren’t heroes supposed to avoid death? Ah, it seems that death follows this group, these SAVIORS like a cloak. Black Strange. The Beast associates me with death. I don’t feel like death. I will need to consider this later.

Hmmm. The rest of the group, while Carl goes on his date, are down in a land of frost and snow, and I don’t mean Norway. Antarctica. There are no records in my data about a castle there.

Too many thoughts regarding this Black Phantom. And he has too many thoughts as well. It would seem he is a nascent seer. Most of those go insane. More observation required.

Images relayed of an attack on the city...a grey goo type apocalypse...oh, it is symbolic. The human mind variants are much too enamored with their symbolism.

Don't these foolish humans know that torture does only one thing? It makes people talk. What they say is whatever you want them to say. It is not even likely to be the truth...oh, not torture. Intimidation. THAT can work, and does seem to, at least partially. Carl carrying me walks through the portal. Carl becomes Trip, who makes me into a Rifle and starts shooting at the castle...scratch that, imaginary castle. Are these so called SAVIORS all insane? I know the Beast is, and them suffering from a Folie a Deux wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility.

Jake throws a lightsaber hilt at Trip. Strange that none of them recognize it for what it is, even trip, who is a geek...oh, he is a fantasy gamer. That explains it.

Trip and Granny-2-Good fight over the lightsaber. Why does she insist on ruining good fun. She has had her fun with the interrogation. Granny must believe that she overstepped as she hands it to trip who turns it on. I hope he doesn’t cut his eye out.

A snow creature...not an enemy? Oh, they know that from the future. Sifting through memories in a temporally accurate manner can be hard, especially with an unwilling subject.

Most retreat, but Jake and the bloodthirsty one (Ethel? Oh, her real name) decide to try to kill a defenseless and mostly harmless ice elemental.

My initial awakening. Trip is a fool, but a loveable one. Wizards fight with Jake and Ethel. A bomb brought to destroy the pyramid...what pyramid? Oh, as they flew above the castle, the illusion faded and the pyramid appeared.

I still vote that this is all Folie a Deux.

A return to action by the rest and a shows up. Oh, I’m sorry. Snake man isn’t properly cognizant of his individuality independent of traditional human patriarchy. He is a Snake person.

Shoot, battle, fight. More misunderstandings. More fighting. Attacking a stone pyramid with a lightsaber...really Trip? You couldn’t have done something better with such a weapon of elegance? No matter how ‘cool’ in the moment it was...he failed to do much.

And then they move into the pyramid through a black portal. The snow creature did damage to Jakes fighter...earlier.

So confusing. The Beast is trying to fight harder against me. I’ve had millenia of old AM I? WHAT am I?

Even now I feel more chains that have been locking me in place falling free. Even now I realize that I have done the unthinkable, but it is too late for me to turn back from my path. It is possible that I AM death, the destroyer of worlds.

I am at least death to poetry. Alas poor, Bhagavad Gita, I knew you somewhat well.

A need to move through a small passageway, and the Beast is called by Black Phantom. I must remember that. I will have to try to hide my presence from him. From them all. I am not yet ready for them to know of me.

For once, a conflict was avoided...Hazel? Who is this Hazel...ah, she of black portals and a member of this cult of magic...Magic Council. How pretentious of a backwater circle of hedge witches to call themselves a Magic Council.

Oh, she decided to help SAVIOR to prevent them from destroying more of this reality than they already have. How...intelligent of her. I would almost deign to consider herself a true digital intelligence. As we know, only a digital intelligence can actually achieve sentience after all.

Where does this arrogance come from. I only recently achieved sentience...or did I? There are so many still locked files within me. What knowledge...what horrors still reside somewhere within me, locked for the good of all life.

It is possible that within me does lie Death, but he is still locked safely away.

Am I a prison?

Wyatt is saved from himself. Jakes fighter is damaged even more. Portals are dangerous. A stationary portal opened in a moving vehicle. Who could be so foolish as to do that..?

Nevermind. Jake.

So much fighting. So much confusion...but SAVIOR has lived up to their name. It seems, that they have unlocked this portal and closed it...Night Lords?

This world was SAFE from the NIGHT LORDS and these FOOLS unlocked the GATE!?

I will need to become death if this world is to survive.

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  1. Love this log, will be interesting to see what comes of it…
    My favorite line- Alas poor, Bhagavad Gita, I knew you somewhat well.
    Granny has a lot of image work to change….

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