Dammit Gary!

Dammit Gary!

Ramona got a call that Friday morning and Garrick mentioned he was working on some real estate ventures. In order to help pay for those ventures he had taken on some consulting work. He was looking at branching out his portfolio so he could be prepared when it came time to raise a family. This was causing him to work some crazy hours and he could not explain anything further because of NDA’s regarding his work projects for both entities that were sharing him as a resource. While he couldn’t promise when he would make Thursday, he would try and be there next Tuesday. He did confirm that he had met the Gryphon which made him think it was indeed a man. However, he’d promised to not reveal his identity. Ramona said “I saw ‘him’ this past Tuesday, too. I’m not convinced.” She then said she’d see him next Tuesday and they hung up.

February 23rd, 2024 – Friday 11:45 AM

Garrick and Brandon Mallic had been sitting Garrick’s office at the oval table with floor plans laid out between them. Today they were going to go over Garrick’s time table for moving out and relinquishing the last third of the building to Brandon and Mallic Robotics. Neither of them had said anything yet because of the opening sentence that came out of Garrick’s mouth.

“Brandon, I am now dating Constance.”

Garrick had played out all the scenarios in his head involving him being physical harmed, fired, or even killed. Silence wasn’t one of them. Brandon looked like someone had shot him and he took a chair at the table and sat down. He finally began to speak, “I thought Constance was just putting on an act to frighten Blake. She pulled Blake into meeting in her office and I have only heard Constance yell like that at me only a few times. It was that raised voice with a monotone level the entire time. The tone that tells you “I fucked up” and then listening and doing what your told are survival notes. She made him watch video of the board meeting where you recommended him for the job. She pointed out that every time one of his team dropped the ball since 2023 you stepped in and fixed it on your personal time. Dammit Gary, why didn’t you tell me? How many people have you been covering for?”

Brandon’s eyes were wide like he had seen a ghost as he continued not waiting for an answer, “As a director in the company you could recommend firing him or his team, each and every time – sixteen times – you opt’ed for coaching and training! Apparently, she spoke with Sam Strom whom had been collecting all the surveillance inside the building. She has his harassment of you documented and archived, if he ever breathes the wrong way in your direction ever again not only will she pursue his dismissal, but she could verify two civil identity protection superhero laws for public heroes he’d be violating. When he asked she verified that your identity was known to her and she had the paperwork to prove you were legal in court. She hit the speaker button on her phone for an open line and asked if he wanted to explain his harassment of a public hero to the C.S.P.D.?”

It was the first time they made eye contact, “Dammit Gary, she told him if he didn’t shape up – as she hung up the speaker phone – that she would make sure Mallic Robotics would cooperate completely with the law in pursuing the penalty of the felony charges he would be facing. When he came out of the meeting he looked pale! Then she came towards my office! She paused and spoke with Novia about making sure she got free upgrades to her leg as she needed them. The change in her demeanor from iron queen to sweet sister was quick and vicious! When she came into my office she laid out before me every good deed she could dig up on you. She had stuff from Sam so I knew she had your superhero identity. She made it clear you were going to keep working here. Then she asked if I knew you were contemplating leaving to protect everyone?”

Brandon was beginning to sweat, “I told her I didn’t know that and I stupidly told her I had just asked you to pick her or hero work. She made me watch all of the video of you and Miss Amazing saving the families from the apartment building seizure. The Silver City Sentinel has a bunch, and then she asked me if I knew about you then. When I mentioned bandaging your wounds that morning she said Sam had filled her in on your missing friend as well…
…You were thinking of leaving to protect all of us?”

“Yes, you said I had to choose and I thought she’d never want me if I mentioned I was in a polyamorous style relationship. I also promised I would not make a move until I had my stuff figured out and A LOT has been figured out in the last week.”

“Dammit Gary, I never wanted to loose you! The three of us have made this business what it is! Look, you know I just want Constance to be protected. But now she’s read up on S.A.V.I.O.R., Papa Zombie, and new news clips showing you next to Jake Thompson LLC. Effectively, the whole damn company knows you moonlight as a publicly licensed super hero. As far as I know only Sam, Constance, and myself know your actual identity. We’ll all keep your secret.”

“Thank you, Brandon, that means a lot.”

“Dammit Gary, I, I…
…she said the two of you were dating and she knew about your other girlfriends. She made it clear it was her choice and you tried to phrase it to make her feel uninterested in you.”

“That’s true but she clearly had other plans.”

“She said if she’d been allowed to pursue back in 2020 you’d both be married by now. Rather than crying about that or blaming the past she wanted you enough to deal with the hand fate presented you to her in. I won’t stop you but if you break her heart I will find a way to break you, got that Garrick!” Brandon looked serious and his finger, anger, and fear were all pointing at Garrick.

“I would have it no other way, thank you Brandon.”

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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4 Replies to “Dammit Gary!”

  1. He is having a very “Millennial” Style relationship. Always with the craziness and his love life

  2. The question is how are Brandon and Constance ever going to hire a replacement for Gary and still make Mallic profitable? I mean he does the job of 10 men and is brilliant….

    1. Hence why Brandon doesn’t want to lose him! Of course, they are friends too, so that’s also a part of it…

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