Century Station Historical Fighting Association

Century Station Historical Fighting Association

February 27th, 2024 – Tuesday 8 PM

Ameera surprised Garrick and Ramona having a discussions about one of the Church of the Reflectionist sermons. Ameera watched him trying to not be charming and failing, hard! She walked up and surprised him by taking his arm and kissing him on the cheek, “Hello handsome! I thought I’d surprise you since you donate so much of your time here. I thought it might be fun to help you at something you’re so passionate about.”

“Oh, this is great! Do I finally get to meet the reason I can’t get you to show up on Thursdays? Hi there, I’m Ramona De La Cova.”

Garrick was still reeling a bit from the surprise as Ameera shook Ramona’s outstretched hand, “Ameera Von Schöne, it’s a pleasure to meet you Ramona, did I hear you trying to get my sweetheart to church?”

“Yes, do you attend a church?”

“Only if they accept multi-denominational and LGBTQ members. I have to many friends that fall into one those often marginalized groups. If God is purported to love everyone, then God loves everyone. The idea that a human can decide whom God loves is the true heretical notion.”

Garrick was surprised at such an answer but asked them both, “Honey, why don’t you and Ramona have a chat while I finish these dishes and then we can go home?”

Ameera kissed him and turned to Ramona, “If the Church of the Reflectionist is that open minded then let’s leave this handsome, hunk of man,” she smacked his ass hard, but found him unmoved and unflinching from the blow, “to his task.” Ramona nodded and off the two of them went into the main room. He saw Ameera again a bit after 9 PM and she helped him finish the last few dishes and put everything away. The Giving Tree couldn’t adjust its dinner time back 30 minutes to accommodate Garrick’s schedule changes so he worked extra hard when he showed up to make up for it. With her help he was ready to go at 9:18 PM. “She’s passionate about healing and prayer. I think it would be good if we go at least once. Then decide with an educated opinion rather than with superstition.”

“I’ll think about it, but that is time I’m trying to spend with Shorty while he’s still young an impressionable.”

Ameera nodded, “Talk with him about it and we can all go together. We could get ice cream afterwards.” Garrick nods and remarks he does love ice cream.

Ameera lived in a two story town-home situated above her dance studio on the coastal side of Xenophan. Half of her second floor was a shrine dedicated to Buddhism. Ameera explained that in learning dance she found yoga to be her main form of exercise. These were things she got to study abroad in high school and her early college. She ran across Buddhism in her travels and began to follow its teachings as much as possible. She became enthralled with eastern traditions and their sense of mysticism. Tantric Yoga was something she dearly wanted to teach Garrick. They talk and Ameera began to include experiments for him to do while they discussed things. Soon she realized relaxing Garrick was as simple as giving him a task, any task. The more he had to learn about a task the happier his face would light up.

When she found her special Rubik’s Cube that had 5 by 5 squares per side, Garrick solved it in 23 minutes! She talked to him about his feelings regarding undoing the mess that the cube was in. Then she moved on to his work, his past as a scientist, and finally to being a hero. The trend was his fear of his sister promoting a love of work because he could help people without them hating him. Even though its been nearly two decades she still bears him ill intent and he still is just happy she’s alive. As she learned about him becoming a super powered individual she began to clearly see why the sword picked him. She had an epiphany about the person he had to meet.

Their talk went on till 1:30 AM on the 28th. She mentioned that they had to skip his workout in the morning to go see a friend of hers that would be holding a free class at Copernicus University in the morning. He agreed and she asked if he wanted to sleep or stay up? Garrick revealed that as his bond grew with the sword he now only required 3 hours of sleep in his non-super body. When he was transformed now he just didn’t fatigue, sleep was not required! Awed, but she nodded and said she needed some sleep and if he’d honor her by sharing her bed. As he began to get undressed she paused him at his underwear, “You need to think about and dream process what we talked about today. Sex would only cloud your mind right now. We can revisit this pleasurable thought though in the afternoon as the sun sets. Now come and lay down and let me hold you. Feel my heart beating against you and dream about what relaxes you. What you want from work, life, and the heroic persona you share with the sword.”

February 28th, 2024 – Wednesday 6:06 AM

They arrived on campus and Garrick had been transformed per Ameera’s request but wearing his Copernicus orange hoodie and black with orange lettering sweats. This was the day Garrick met Tyrone Nitobe, half African-American and half Japanese-American, practitioner of the ancient forms of martial combat. Tyrone was only 5 feet 2 inches tall and yet he was instructing a class with a commanding presence in the open quad on campus. There was a banner blowing in the breeze. The C.S.H.F.A. was showing off Polish saber techniques this morning. Garrick got so excited when he tried to get a little closer he stopped when everyone turned and stared at him!

He was floating about four to six inches off the ground and Ameera lightly, and ever so briefly face palmed. Gryphon looked sheepish once again,”Sorry,” he landed, “please continue I did not mean to interrupt, very sorry!” Tyrone had another student take over as he came to visit the powered individual his wife’s friend had brought to his class. Garrick felt like he just had a very benign version of a #CavalryMoment just then.

“Greetings sir, I am Tyrone Nitobe. Ameera, darling Aiko will love knowing you stopped by. Well, since your friend here has ruined whatever disguise he was shooting for. To whom do we have the pleasure of meeting?” He made a gesture back to his class.

Gryphon nodded, “Well, Master Nitobe, I’m known as the Gryphon.”

“Ahh! Yes, I saw you on a news bite regarding the Papa Zombie take down! Jake Thompson really did well on that one indeed. So, what can I do for a member of S.A.V.I.O.R.?”

Gryphon stepped back and made sure the area around him was clear before he summoned Ashmadiel. “Master Nitobe, Could you help me become a better fighter with this?” The class continued but at least a couple students became distracted at the spectacle.

“I will need to hold it for a few minutes if you would be so kind,” Tyrone stretched out his palm open as though “no” was not an answer he expected to hear. Gryphon closed his eyes for a brief second and then smiled and presented the sword to him. Tyrone put the sword through a number of drills. More of the students began to stop their practice and watch, instead. More than one of them wished at that moment they were allowed to have their phones on them so they could capture this strange sight! But Tyrone’s rules were strict about that sort of thing here. Tyrone turned to Gryphon after a 5 min routine, “Would you be willing to give me a demonstration of your martial skill? I need to see where you’re at if I am to decide ‘HOW’ I could train or teach you. Gina,” he called out to one of the gaping students. “Please go grab my sword.”

Gryphon took the sword back that was offered to him. The student who was sent away, Gina, returned quickly with the requested weapon. She handed it to Tyrone and quickly backed away, blushing as she noticed Garrick looking at her. Ameera sighed inwardly. “Don’t hold back,” Tyrone told Garrick. With both combatants ready, Gryphon nodded and for three minutes he tried to land a hit on Tyrone and was parried, dodged, and even grazed once! All the students had stopped to watch this impressive display by their master. The match ended with Master Nitobe knocking Gryphon down with a leg sweep by his sword. He helped Gryphon up and he realized that he never mocked Gryphon but was polite, he was benevolent and not cruel, he was swift of action! He even managed to avoid Gryphon trying to use his flying speed at one point in the fight.

To Gryphon’s credit while very frustrated he now really wanted to learn from Tyrone Nitobe. The students noticed that the Gryphon was healing from the wounds, bumps, and the scrape. Then Master Nitobe said to him, “I will take you on as my student. The lessons will be private until we can find a training sword you won’t break.” It was clear now how much his sword had been beat up in this duel with Gryphon.

Tyrone turned to Ameera and said, “Continue cardio and isometric conditioning with him. I will build on those fundamentals.” Looking back at Garrick he continued, “You will ultimately be responsible for your power in your body. When I feel you are ready I may let you train with the class. But not until then. Do you accept?”

“Yes sir, thank you for your help.”

“Here’s my card, now I have to get back to my students. We’ll talk soon, Gryphon, have a good morning.” Gryphon bowed and his bow was returned. The break ended as everyone got back to their routines. On the way back to her home Ameera mentioned he’d want to learn all the sword katas he could. It would allow him to relax with moving meditation. He kissed her and smiled as he dropped her off and headed in to work.

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Art by: AZ_Artisan


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  1. Tyrone Nitobe believes strongly in discipline and focus from his students, so he doesn’t allow any of them to keep their cell phones or other electronic gadgets with them in class. Lucky for Garrick, too, or else there would’ve been videos of this event uploaded all over the internet! 😉

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