Come In Team Leader

Come In Team Leader

February 6th, 2024 – Tuesday: 11:15 AM

Garrick’s body is having various shooting pains as nerves and muscle tissue repairs itself. Brandon left him stunned by his revelation of being a natural charmer. He had just been studying how his father interacted with everyone. Southern charm and hospitality was big in his family. He then remembered what Katherine had said to him just hours ago, “How many women did you plan on dating?”

He sent off an encrypted email to the Geist first at about 11:02 AM:


Gryphon here,

In regards to Cavalry ~
If it comes down to it I will take the fall for Cavalry. That poor kid deserves a shot at a normal life. Try to get your hands on a set of Gramercy Cuffs so we can figure out how to mute powers. Or, well, give them to Jake so he can make a watch out of them. Sorry, I just don’t know how to help him but I feel responsible in a fashion and just want to help out in any way I can.


If anyone needs to do that, it will be me. It shouldn’t come down to that though. I’ve been working to convince S.H.A.R.D. to help him. I think they’ll take his case. Damien Day is concerned with his organization’s image but deep down he wants to help.



Gryphon again,

Regarding the Shorties ~
Thank you again for helping with all the other Shorties. The ones here just saw them online last night and they said they have high hopes based on some pictures shared on the game server. They really appreciate it and so do I.

Regarding the Giving Tree ~
Monday the 5th nearing midnight as it changed to the 6th we had left Granny2Good with some designs for a new outfit for Miss Amazing. We decided to venture into Waingroh and see what we could do to help out. A street gang was clearing out or killing everyone in a seven story apartment building! I had her ferry the remaining five families, about 20 people to a building farther back at the Norwood border so they could make their way to the Giving Tree. Miss Amazing was her moniker in performance and execution, and I managed to hold the 30 or so gang members at the roof access. Kinda like a choke point at the Battle of Thermopylae. Especially when I got outflanked twice by some of them using the fire escape to gain access to the roof. At one point I thought I was going to die when one of those “AMP’ed, MEGA’ed OUT” gang bangers entered the fray near the end. Then M.A. told me about a baby in 7F as she took the last two away. I used the raged out thug as a battering ram to get down to the seventh floor. I found the baby in 7F and burst out the window as more gun shots hit my back. It was then I heard a cry for help down below. A prostitute had one of the gang bangers I tossed off the roof land on her and break her leg. I landed in the war zone and kicked the dead thug off of her. I knelt and the baby was crying, which meant it was alive. I had the “lady of the night” climb on my back. Holding the baby with my right arm to my chest and my left was supporting the lady on my back as I took off. We made a large circuitous route back to the Giving Tree in case we were followed. I was able to reunite the family because M.A. had gotten all 20 people to safety.

I talked with my boss about making a charity limb for the “lady of the night’s” mangled leg. He is visiting there tonight with me to look into this. I am hoping they will help her out. If not I will have to find time to design her one myself.

So is their anyway your company might consider adding the Giving Tree to your yearly philanthropic work? Having an additional 20 people to care for is taxing and if you can help I know they would appreciate it. I am sure any amount your company or you could donate would be wonderful. 5% of my income goes to them from every paycheck I make.

Having nerves regrow this fast hurts, and my hand is killing me and I think my rib bones are mending from the rocket laucher. I am going to take Wed. & Thur. off from patrol. I am worried I am pushing it to hard without giving time to heal. I will be back at it by Friday night. Since, your team lead just trying to make sure you’re aware of our work.

Have a great day/night stuff.


I’m glad to hear you’re recovering well at work! Please, take time over the next few days for yourself and your ladies. The rest of us can handle things for a few days while you get back up to full strength. And especially take care of your friend Patsy. If she does not recover on her own soon please bring her to Koan Memorial.

I should have some good news shortly about taking the burden of the rest of the kids from you. I’ve put a lot of irons in the fire over here and they’re all heating up nicely. I already told you not to worry anymore about their financial burden, but I know they can be a concern in other ways. That should end soon.

I am shocked at the casual way you have with women. To rescue a woman and have her so readily confide to you she is a prostitute – you could make any man jealous! I wonder if your sword angel blessed you with that power too? I heard of that fire and the involvement of some Mavericks. I’m glad to know it was you and Miss Amazing and that neither of you seem to have suffered any lasting harm.

And cybernetics! You’ve got many talents, and now I discover cybernetics is another of them! While I do not know the extent of your boss’ or your own skills in that regard, I’d think Koan Memorial is the better equipped facility to help your new friend with her leg. But if it’s only broken, why does she need a cybernetic replacement? I’d like to know the name of Doctor who examined her and gave you that diagnosis so I can look into him or her. There’s been some rumors involving cybernetic upgrades among people injured from superhuman activities and this might be a good lead.

But don’t overdo it. Take this time to rest. Let your boss handle meeting your friend tonight while you deal with your ladies. In regards to your request for donations, know that Spirit Enterprises has always donated to the Giving Tree. We’re its second largest donor!

Be well,


I am finding out that ‘written communication’ is not my strong suit today,

Thank you, for the heart warming news about the Giving Tree, it means so much to me.

To be fair my cybernetic skills extend to having designed and built one leg with swappable color accent plates for my former assistant, Novia Nadez. When I was working on Robot Swords I needed someone to make sure I adhered to the 14-16 hour days I did to make sure my team and the company as a whole was never the reason for overspending. I am very proud that we help make sure all three films were on time and at or under budget! Novia agreed to work for the wage I offered even though she was way over qualified. The angle was I would build her a leg for no cost to offset the difference in pay. It was done by the end of the first movie. I took so much time designing it to be a point of fashion with her. She has 23 anodized titanium accent plates so it always goes with what she is wearing. On the second movie I got some advice from Constance Mallic regarding toe integration. I added colored toe nails to match the accent plates. This was done over two years, and after the movies Brandon Mallic, Constance’s brother asked her to be his secretary when his put in their two weeks for a project manager job somewhere.

I told the young lady that if it could not be fixed I would talk to a friend and get her a new leg for free. At the time I was thinking of myself, but Constance is better at that than I am. So I asked Brandon about seeing if they might do a charity limb. So your hearing rumors about a Doctor doing illegal cyber-work? Boy, there is no shortage of problems to face in this town!

Alas, I am sure you’ve had similar thoughts in your adventures. I will be at the Giving Tree tonight because I made a promise to show up, and my boss is expecting me there. Aside from that I think I need to get approval to research a new power source for work and then code the machine language for it. Micro Fusion Reactors. I am going to ask Jake for his help to check my work so I can prove to Alpha Prime we could have come up with this on our own. If so it should put Mallic Robotics on the map for ages to come. Maybe Spirit wants to contract Mallic to help fund it in a joint venture?

Now this brings me to my last point. It appears something or someone is trying to hide this dimension and all magic. In order to get Patsy home and then help her defeat the one called Murder Master I need to find a way to unseal this dimension. After Friday some of my nights on patrol will be trying to find leads of some kind to start on. Any tips you might know about would help.

Have a great day boss!

After getting back in his truck from the Giving Tree he sends the Geist another encrypted email


You mentioned a concern about KOAN Medical, and Juliana the “entertainment professional” I saved is there now getting her leg looked at. The Gryphon is going to send a flower bouquet wishing her well. I convinced Ramona the nurse the Gryphon could have been a husky female in armor, and I think she may have been duped by a cult. Ever hear about the Church of Reflectionist, ism (something like that)?

Followed up by a text.

“check encrypted email”

On the way home he orders a flower set to be sent to Juliana, pays for the anonymity listing and no receipt. The message is a phrase: “The Gryphon wishes you a speedy recovery.” He made sure to buy (with cash) a prepaid gift card to pay for the flowers to make detecting him harder.


Art by: AZ_Artisan


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  1. It’s unfortunate that Richard doesn’t have the stamina to multitask as efficiently as Garrick does.

  2. I’m all in for helping Cavalry. We’ve “crossed lines” for Covenant who did way worse “Stuff”

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