Clock Don’t Work

Clock Don’t Work

Taking Down a Familiar Enemy

Hi boys and girls- my name is Ethel, or if your parents taught you well, Mrs. Falkenberg. I promise that everything I am about to tell you is true- or, in my advanced age, I just misremembered.

We gathered on Friday at SAVIOR’s new office at Spirit Enterprises. It is a much better neighborhood than sweet Garrick’s place- I wonder if we can make a workout room here? I, of course, had dressed to look like I belonged in Silver City, and had made Shorty change. My Brother… well, he is Jake.

Anyways, we met promptly at 5, and there was a catered meal- which was very nice of Richard to do. Someone brought some nasty fast food sliders as well- those were not so nice.

My Brother had done a competition to see which Shorty would join us, and I was very proud to see that my beloved Shorty had won- I am so proud of him!

So we all gathered, and there had been a new addition this week, a Goth girl named Deathwish. Jake got in a few digs about her, and kept calling Nathan Mind Bullet! It actually fits him better, I think. I am not sure Nathan heard Jake at all- he is definitely sweet on the Goth girl! I even heard him call her darling later that night.

So, Jake of course ruined the surprise of the meeting, calling out to Richard that, “Ok, so we know we are really here to welcome back Cavalry, so get it over with.” Sure enough, he was right, and Cavalry stepped out without breaking anything! He tries so hard, and is actually a sweet boy, just very, very accident prone! So we welcomed Cavalry back, although it was a bit subdued. Jake, of course, pointed out that he was free because of the replacement Liberty Bell (which I love, and Jake gave me a very realistic, but smaller, replica), but I am sure the lawyers that Richard hired also had some positive impact- I think Garrick helped there as well.

Speaking of Garrick, it was here that he announced he wanted to become a public hero! He may have been inspired by Jake becoming a folk hero of Century Station, or perhaps the constant attention of the Norwood Knights, but personally I think it is a bad idea. That reminds me- I need to get Jake to stop calling me Ethel when we are out as heroes….

Richard and Garrick talked about that some, and Nathan demonstrated his lack of concern by mind bulleting, or at least getting intimate with his mind, with Goth girl… I wonder what her real name is. Seems she joined our group on Richard and Nathan’s suggestion, so I will trust that.

We got to talking as a group, finally, and decided we would go out after our meeting. That all came to a crashing halt when Garrick revealed that he had been slipped a threatening Note at the Giving Tree on Tuesday night which read, “I know what you and the ‘heroes’ of S.A.V.I.O.R. are doing. You won’t get away with this.” The Beast got very upset by this (I just want to say I was glad he was here tonight- Carl is a well-meaning boy, and Alice has some uses, but Trip is just annoying- anyhow, Beast seems the most relaxed of all of them, comfortable in his own skin) and started cussing in lots of languages! He then revealed that Cassandra Blodgett, Carl’s girlfriend, had gone to the Giving Tree on the same night and knew that SAVIOR was funded by blackmailing her father, the criminal Mason Bloodgut– well, I think he is a criminal from what I know about him from my deceased husband, Harold, who was a VP in his company, Xander Financial. So, a conversation began between Richard, Beast, Garrick, and Alex (who seemed to come alive- seems law and financial info is an expertise of his- who knew?) that I lost track of quickly. I did catch some things, though. Mason is upset about SAVIOR, and wants us to lose face and be gone. Jake offered to kill Cassandra, and the rest of us tried to talk him out of it. The blackmail funding was news to most of us, but Nathan summed up his, and my, feelings about it- “As long as we don’t go to jail, I am fine.”

So, Richard, Garrick, Beast and Covenant did a bunch of computer and paper stuff- not idea what they really did, but we later learned some interesting bits. The financial crimes point to two VP’s in Xander- Lucasewics and Sam Isner. Jason Blodgett also seems to be involved- he is Mason’s brother. If something did happen to Mason, Cassandra gets 60% of the company and Jason gets 40%. I am sure we will follow up on this somehow later.

Meanwhile, Jake had suggested we get a drink- and all that financial and computer mumbo jumbo had made that prospect a necessity for me! So the rest of us went to a bar that Jake knew- it had a Liberty Bell in it!! The bar, appropriately, was named Bells and Whistles, and seemed like a lot of fun! The drinks were strong, the people were fun, and the 2 new lovebirds were gone in seconds- bye Nathan and Goth girl! Then poor Cavalry broke a bar stool, and Jake had sent him to something he called the bullpen- Jake’s home, until Jake could figure out a way to make his accidents into positives. Soon Katherine and Zeau were ready to go join the lovebirds, who needed backup- so we all joined them, Jake reluctantly saying good-bye to his bar buddies. There was a diamond heist in progress.

We arrived to find that someone we thought we had killed, as he had an armored truck roll on him! Somehow Metronome had lived through That because here we were, facing those dang clockwork robots! We had all changed into our hero costumes on the way- except, of course, Jake, who was fully public at this point. Black Phantom and Deathwish seemed to try and make her name come true, bypassing the robots outside and crashing their bike into the building. Zeau and Miss Amazing dealt with some flying robots, and that left Jake and I alone fighting outside on the ground. Jake tried to portal back and forth, with some success, and I took out some, but then Jake cried out my name.

I immediately ran, full speed, through the opening that the lovebirds had made. “JAKE,” I screamed, and connected perfectly with the robots that were attacking him. No one hurts my brother and gets away with it- if I can help it- and now I was mad!

Metronome was barely human, mostly clockwork robot, and he had stopped moving. It seemed that Black Phantom and Metronome were about to do a one-on-one challenge, but I had lost my head with rage! I came rushing at Metronome, and quickly made short work of him. I wanted him not mostly dead, but completely dead. So, although, he was down on the ground. “Don’t ever,” and struck him with Dempsey, “hurt my brother,” and struck him with Kiss, “or I will do more to you than this.” Unfortunately, the perfect moment ended with a fart- sometimes these things happen. All that was left of Metronome was red liquid and parts.

Black Phantom yells, “Your master is dead, now you must follow me,” to all the remaining robots. This gives them pause long enough for the rest of the group to make the robots all spare parts. Jake opens a portal and the parts all go through.

Miss Amazing even patted Shorty on the shoulder, telling him he did a good job in the battle!

Metronome better be really dead this time!

Meanwhile, somehow the Beast came across an Atorian shuttle and was able to “acquire” it with no consequences- our beneficent God has given us blessings of Drama that help us….


Ethel picture is actually of Grace Ghanem
All other pictures from our own Adamantium Art


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