Changing Direction

Changing Direction

You have one new voicemail, if you would lik…


It’s Me.




I owe you the BEER.


I’ve decided to leave SAVIOR. Is the offer still available Unicorn?

Yes…as long as you stop calling me Unicorn…

Yeah, sorry, it’s kind of who I am, I’m striving to be less of a fucker like that. Besides, Sphinx and Succubus both thought it was funny, although they are good at hiding it…

Manticore and Dragonel both ruffle a bit at the revelation.

I see the intel and reports on you are true…knowing all the secrets…that would fit nice with us, besides…I’ve seen some of your training and exploits in your heavily redacted file. We could use some your leadership and tactical experience. Sometimes control by committee doesn’t work so well for us. Also, another little “trick” of yours could REALLY help us to root out jealousy, anger,suspicion or betrayal between us.

Yeah, those “tricks” eventually helped to mend some wounds in SAVIOR. So, will the Big Bosses won’t have any issues?

No, we’ve operated with a good amount of autonomy that you’re familiar with…if I’ve “read between the lines’ on your dossier correctly…So, Welcome to The Sector Squad, Black Phantom?

Yeah, I’m in. Also, just to simplify things, I’ll just be known as Phantom from now on. Seems to fit with the group dynamic better.

So, who’s got the beer?

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