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April 9th, 2024



In a quiet neighborhood, some mortal thieves were committing a crime.  Though they were breaking the law, they still had rights – rights that were summarily rejected by wannabe demigods. The rejection came to them in the form of a sword through the throat. These murders were sanctioned by the City of Century Station, as it was performed by the city’s ironically-named foremost superhero group, S.A.V.I.O.R..  Leaving the scene of the brutal murder, the vigilante mutant known as Quazy – that terrorized the streets of Austin for months – was caught on camera reverting from her monstrous dragon form to her human form.  After some research, this journalist discovered that her identity is that of Karia Odon, the 30-year-old daughter of Austin’s own Lulu Odon, who runs several politically charged online publications.

Sightings as recently as yesterday, April 8th, have her with a more homely appearance, but it has been confirmed that she has seemingly overnight transformed.  As you can see with the two pictures from Instagram, inserted above, it wasn’t a simple transformation a-la 90s high school rom-com, instigated by a makeover.  This appears to be a complete transformation, which adds to the list of suspected powers of this dangerous vigilante.

The powers that we have substantiated reports of are:  Supernatural Strength, Flight, Mind Control, Lightning Breath, Super Speed, Bestowal of Powers, Super Vision, Super intelligence.  Add to that list Human Metamorphosis.  It is this journalist’s opinion that this beast has far too much power for anyone to sleep well at night, controlled by an immature psyche.  Images of super-powered toddlers come to mind, strangling adults that take away lollipops.

The beast’s direct mind-controlling influence before today had taken only 4 victims, outside of her passively-worshipful congregation of thousands on social media.  Upon leaving the house, she claimed another mindless slave, a CSPD officer and semi-professional singer by the name of Jeremy Rees.  The two were seen speaking after her human transformation.  He approached her at the crime scene, and within mere minutes she transformed back into a dragon, and carried him away in her claws.

He has since been seen in the company of known mind slaves and former Austin residents Shayan Peersen, Alyssa Herring, Tommy Mejia, and Kobe Barker.


The beast has, since this article was first published, gone public.  She has openly pledged herself to the group, and the thousands of mindless droves that worship her on social media have sung her praise, following those new companions of hers – principally the attention-glutton Garrick Falken, or Gryphon, Owner of several technology entities in Century Station.

Look below for some artwork from a terrified victim named Frank O’Toole, done in his prison cell.  Because of the encounter, he is set to be moved to Sunny Acres Home for the Psychologically Destabilized.

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  1. Lol yeah, definitely not biased! But also, if you didn’t catch it, she brought in the ex-CyberCrimes Hacker the CSPD lost. The one that Cai and Lunet confronted.

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