Cardinal Rising

Cardinal Rising

March 28th, 2024 – Thursday: After 8 AM

The Geist answered his phone, “Hello, Gryphon, shouldn’t you be resting still?”

“Oh, I still am but I am waiting to change back till tomorrow just to be safe. Oddly enough, I kinda need your help with some items and you may need a list?”

“Sure, how can I help?”

“First, Shorty #5 and I have been talking and I wanted to see if you’d consider taking him as your ward and training him to be the new Cardinal? Either you or I could adopt him, and he’s aware he may have to move in with you if you decide to provide his training. Okay, next item.”

“Wow, you aren’t messing around.”

“If you adopt Shorty #5, I think #1 will continue to live with Granny2Good, but I think its #4 that lived with Jake and for now he can stay in a spare room, but eventually we’ll need to find him a home as well.”

“Right, I’ll see what I can do about that one.”

“Last item is a two parter, I checked and I can easily afford to finance an air car for Miss Amazing and pay for lessons. It might have to be one from last year or the one before that. $150,000 can easily be done over the next five years or a standard car loan. I need it to be a surprise and I was hoping you might know a good person to buy from or you had an old one laying around? I need to rent a billboard for a month in the sub-district our base is located in. I just need it to say ‘Kat is Awesome!’ and nothing else.”

“Finally, something simple! Let me make some calls and I’ll see what I can do about helping with those two.”

Gryphon thanked him for his time and that he was going back to lie down. Geist told him he’d give the Cardinal idea some thought before an answer. They hung up and sleep took the healing hero.

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  1. Next issue’s cover: An image of 5 identical Cardinals all arguing with each other, with the titles “Too Many Cardinals!” and “No Shortage of Sidekicks!”

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