Caedechron Activity Log

Caedechron Activity Log

… runtime log …

… backup in progress …  analyzing 3d footage … purging reviewed data … sorting relevant information … collating notations … presenting in aesthetic form …   


Caedechron Activity Log:

Unit verifies emotional and situational state of peers is optimal.

Unit enters hidden basement laboratory and verifies technological devices are secured.

Unit clears perimeter.

Unit bids farewell to known associate Snake Person; associate leaves in Blackbird aircraft.

Unit leaves with partner Beast; partner’s emotional state compromised; priority:neutralize Thanatos.

Unit accompanies partner Beast to laboratory.

Laboratory compromised.

Unit stows unknown entomological specimen in Compartment 12.

Partner Beast initializes executable on  laboratory machine.

Priority:Neutralize Thanatos – Mission completed.

Unit stows sample of Thanatos remnants in Compartment 13.

Unit attempts backup of laboratory systems.

Unknown AI prevents action.

Partner Beast and Unit verify laboratory secured from hostile forces: None detected

Unknown specimen escaped large humanoid tank – Information marked tertiary priority.

Unit returns to Base.

Unit moves entomological specimen to container in base biological laboratory.

Unit moves Thanatos remnants to container in electrical laboratory.

Testing performed on Thanatos remnant.


… end of analyzed information …  saving Caedechron_Activity_Log.txt in hard drive 0 …  backup in progress … analyzing 3d footage … pur

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  1. I hate the fact that this went to crap from a character standpoint- from a player standpoint should be fun to see how much damage this ends up having- may be a great villain.

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