C.F.M. – Computer F’ing Magic

C.F.M. – Computer F’ing Magic

April 9th, 2024 – Tuesday: 10 PM

Gryphon stood on top corner of the U.S. “Alien Staging Warehouse” for off-world removal of all non Covenant approved items. Located in Silver City Sub-District, where the future was reset to ambiguity once again. Over nine hours of clean-up, C.S. Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, the Coast Guard, and every single news outlet in Century Station.

He had come up on the roof when his call to the Giving Tree had been overheard and broadcast live over news stations, Facebook, and Twitter. He had the Giving Tree’s director put him on speaker for everyone and he had been apologizing to all the kids that he couldn’t show up tonight because he had helped his team stop the city from being overrun by clones of a dead superhero. He had spent several minutes calling out to individual kids to make sure they knew how sorry he was for missing Tuesday dinner. When he realized his conversation wasn’t private he put his phone on video and the center director did the same. He put the kids on T.V. and everyone could see how much the Knight of Norwood still cared about his roots.

Miss Amazing had broken away from the throng of reporters and made sure she rebroadcast the final minutes of Gryphon working on the computer as the clones and the tanks were being destroyed around him. It captured his destruction of the rogue A.I. called Thanatos, she was also able to record the explosion sound from just off shore. She spoke with Ameera and Constance about how Gryphon’s computer skills may have saved everyone. Constance mentioned that Amanda would be please to know Gryphon saved the city by science and his know how, as opposed to hitting it with a magic sword. Constance also informed everyone she put in a request with Amanda to give Garrick the day off tomorrow. Ameera squealed with joy that she’d have him for the full day.

While all of this was happening several of the news crews flying offshore are reporting the explosion may have been part of Synistry’s headquarters! Live reports by helicopters braving the area with the Coast Guard shows countless bodies floating, the most notable was the body of Obelisk. Within minutes the airwaves and the Internet are beginning to report that S.A.V.I.O.R. may have killed Synistry! The clip of Gryphon engaging in what seems like boring, but very fast code writing, quickly gets replayed. When news crews and spotlights began to shine and people clamoring for a comment Gryphon took off his helm and replied, “If it wasn’t for my team doing what they did I could not have done what I did. They’re the heroes! I just did some computer ‘effing magic at the right time.” He paused briefly, “Oh, and to miss Eliza Gunn of Channel 9, I’d like to give you an exclusive interview in the next few days. Good night everyone.”

With that he looks off back towards the sky as some news crews with good directional microphones pick up, “I hope I’ve made you proud dad, say hi to mom for me.”

Ashmadiel chimed in with a warm feeling of pride, “I was right to trust in you Garrick Faulkner. What’s more is you did this act of defeating Synistry without me, you get to own that moment of heroics yourself. Do not seek my separation further, I wish to be your partner as long as you wish it.”

With a flash everyone on ground saw the golden light surround Gryphon and make the translucent shape of the mythological creature he bears as his moniker. as he bid farewell and headed back to the Century Plaza Tower.

Art by: AZ_Artisan
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