I M nu @ DIS so I wiL try 2 kEp it brief, so I hav decided 2 blog DIS 4 posterities sake so @ lEst SOME1 wiL knO somTIN bout wot iz goin on. mang dey sA skul Lyf iz hard, bt try changing in2 a 6’6 honest 2 god ‘hero’ & c how U fEl. I thawt dat DIS c%d hav Bin a bad idea, especalE since Paul won’t TLK 2 me, bt aftR I helped sAv dat 3:o) my mind hz Bin changed, especalE considering i M bn haunted by a gun, weL mostly cuz I’m bn haunted by a gun. d meeting dat we went 2 fiLD my mind w confusion. We hav dEz obviously heroic types, & dey L%k 2 b d archetype 4 a gud supa hero, bt we wer attacked, & rather thN subduing them, dey killed dem. D E D ded. Do we do that, R we sposd 2. wot duz d law sA bout this, wot do we sA bout DIS. DIS iz wot mAd me hesitate 2 begin with, bt f I’m goin 2 chAng dEz guys, I hav 2 b w dem.


d NXT morn I got n contak w Richard & told him i had thawt Hs offer over, & tho @ 1st I thawt d idea wz crazy, evnts kEp conspiriing almost 2 kEp pushing me in2 d lite. Richard mentioned dat ther wz goin 2 b NothA meeting on friday, 11pm 2 b specific & I agreed 2 b ther az I nEd help, DIS heroing tng iz v nu 2 me.

d wk fairly flew by, & I threw myself in2 my studEz az d only tng kEpn me housed iz my scholarship, & living on d st. doesn’t appeal, & w Paul not talkin 2 me i’d hav n idea wot 2 do o whr 2 go. I maNgD 2 git my forensic medicine h/w n fri. morn & had a much mo relaxing dA thN I othRwIz wud hav had. I spent som tym dat aftRnun getin som things I thawt I mite need, lIk bullets 4 exmpl.


fri. evNg came a lot faster thN I expected. I did a bit of rEsrch on d lcoation we wer meeting at, az runN in2 a trap wasn’t hI on my wknd activity list, bt d only recnt tng i c%d find wz v recent, apparently since l8 morn ther hz Bin a centaur cn wandering rownd d area, whch I found a bit unusual, bt I dressed appriately wen I went om. aftR T & a few hours of flixonnet I caLd a taxi, hu arrived almost immediately & I jumped in, aL redE 2 go. d taxi drivR wz friendly, & d driV wz k. aftR paying d taxi drivR I got out & headed inside almost 11pm on d dot.

whIl I qwitly waited 4 d others I checked d net & found a Qt story bout a ltl 3:o) wantN 2 ride d centaur dat had Bin n d area earlier on n d day, & d centaur tellin her dat it wasn’t likely, & by d tym i had RitN a comment bout it (it wz a v Qt ltl girl, how c%d U sA no) evry1 Ls had turnD up, & Richard came 4ward & thanked evry1 4 comin.  He thN gave a bit of a rundown 4 wot i had missed lst wk & my 2nd thoughts kicked bak n big tym. dey had accidently murdered SOME1 w automatic laser beams, so bout DIS tym i started l%kin rownd nervously, bt DIS plAc wz d dump it seemed 2 b. n automatic lasers reared thR ugLE heads, not dat I knew wot dey lookd lIk bt DIS iz d sort of stuff i nEd 2 Lern. frm wot Richard sed dey had had T @ a certan :X base, & SOME1 came rownd snooping & d automatic defences sliced him in2 kibble b4 U c%d sA “omg he’s Bin sliced 2 kibble”


rght thN Richards fone rang, & he sort of smiled wen he hung ^ & sed dat d meeting wiL hav 2 W8 az ther iz an attack goin dwn on an attempted armoured car heist dat wz n progrS @ d tym relatively nearby, & snt evrEbody d co-ordinates 2 our phones, & DIS str8 awA showed our 1st wEkNs. We immediately went our seperate ways 2 git 2 d mission point. I’m n tactical g9 bt immediately splitting ^ 2 git ther on our own sEmz lIk a LUG way of doin it, bt i didn’t sA NEthing az i’m d noob. d Qt ltl old laD piled in2 her awesomely kewl retro hovercar, & d 1 dat i t%k 2 b a sociopath joined her (I tink dey R related, lIk bro & sister). d <;;;;;;;;; wielding killer guy flew, so did dat er rly hot chk dat i helped wen dat creepy ltl kid tried 2 TLK 2 her. I caLd NothA taxi, hu t%k barely 20 2nds 2 ariV & jumped n. He lookd @ me bt oddly bt I told him 2 git n frnt of d constantly updating co-ordinates & gave him a fitty, & boi did he driV. We zipped dwn side streets & evN went d wrng way ^ a 1 way st. briefly. wen we got ther he wz lIk ‘this iz obviously yor gig, im outta here’ & did a reverse 180 & wz gone. We had cum out frm a side lane dat had a bar dat wz stil open, itz neon lyts adding brite colours 2 d street, whr due d noyz of mA horns beeping & armoured car dat wz roaring ^ d st. towards me I couldn’t mAk out d music dat wz playing, thN I noticed d ArCar had nasty l%kin insectoid robots clinging 2 it & trying 2 cut thR way n. Sparks flew frm d gouges dey wer makin n d vehicle whIl Captain Murderyouwithasword wz flying around, chopping & & w mAn strength breakN apart robots, jst lIk Ms TotallyMarvellous, datz an m a r v e ROF ROF o u s. I hErd d crack crack crack of Gunz’r’us putting bullets in2 dem & d swEt old laD wz offering dem tea, scones & dismemberment & thN ripping out thR steel spines. I didn’t knO wot d sociopath wz doin bt he had an }-) *S* on Hs fAc dat scArd me mo thN d bad guys, hu thR hapnd 2 b 2 of. wot shud we caL them, d Duo of Darknes, nah dat soundD lame, & whIl I contemplated dat d ArCar started makin dat groaning noyz metL makes jst b4 itz rips apart & came 2 a sparking & metL rending halt, w d bugbots mostly falling off. Things nw started l%kin 8^| 4 d old laD az 4 of d bugbots attacked her, Xcpt dat she thN seemed 2 Dcide 2 stop playing & thN started smashing dem ^ 4 real, ripping d leg of one, & smashing d fAc off NothA w sed limb. Captain Dismemberment & d others attempted apprehending d bad guys controlling them, f breakN apart d atomic bonds of thR bn & spreading dem aerosol lIk Thru d @mosFER iz apprehending. I’d swear d }-) profeSR sociopath went ^ 2 whr d bad guy had Bin aerosol’d & started 2 breathe him n. Best bit wz my gun told me itz name, did i mention, my gun hz a nAm & sort of talks, bt wen I sed itz nAm i changeg & got a whol lot stronger, & d scene bcame a whol lt less dangerous fEln. d gun wz warm n my h& & I had loaded it DIS time, so i evN shot @ 1 of d bugbots causing grief, bt I wz peripheral 2 d peripherals & d whol scene had Bin pritE much handLD by d tym i did anything/got ther. Since I wz pOr az hell i gathered d scrap I c%d frm d 13 [:] bits i c%d find aftR i checked dat d drivRs wer ok, whch dey mostly wer. az d ArCar had Bin ripped OpN we also decided 2 hav a qix L%k @ d contents, whch hapnd 2 b a metL strongbox bout 1.5 metres ax w d nAm Korashi Technics RitN on d side. By DIS tym d authorities wer starting 2 git pritE clOs so we split ^ agen & headed bak 2 d meeting point, 2 try & hav d meeting we wer sposd 2 hav had.



wen we git bak d 1st tng i teL Richard iz dat our method of transportation leaves much 2 b desired, & since he wz sponsoring us wud he b abL 2 find a vehicle dat cn transport us aL @ d sAm time, mAbE a bigger version of d hovR vehicle, & mAbE hav som medical & tek goodies on borD 2 hlp us on our way.


Cyberpunk city by ujjal-santra-beyond-human-final-submission

Futuristic University by zaha_hadid_architects_shanghai_china_world_of_architecture

Robot In windows from the movie I Robot

Hover Car by Jomar Machado

Translated Version

I am new at this so I will try to keep it brief, so I have decided to blog this for posterities sake so at least someone will know something about what is going on. Man they say school life is hard, but try changing into a 6’6 honest to god ‘hero’ and see how you feel. I thought that this could have been a bad idea, especially since Paul won’t talk to me, but after I helped save that girl my mind has been changed, especially considering i am being haunted by a gun, Well mostly because I’m being haunted by a gun. The meeting that we went to filled my mind with confusion. We have these obviously heroic types, and they look to be the archetype for a good super hero, but we were attacked, and rather than subduing them, they killed them. D E D dead. Do we do that, are we supposed to. What does the law say about this, what do we say about this. This is what made me hesitate to begin with, but if I’m going to change these guys, I have to be with them.


The next morning I got in contact with Richard and told him i had thought his offer over, and though at first I thought the idea was crazy, events keep conspiriing almost to keep pushing me into the light. Richard mentioned that there was going to be another meeting on friday, 11pm to be specific and I agreed to be there as I need help, this heroing thing is very new to me.

The week fairly flew by, and I threw myself into my studies as the only thing keeping me housed is my scholarship, and living on the street doesn’t appeal, and with Paul not talking to me i’d have no idea what to do or where to go. I managed to get my forensic medicine homework in Friday morning and had a much more relaxing day then I otherwise would have had. I spent some time that afternoon getting some things I thought I might need, like bullets for example.

Friday evening came a lot faster than I expected. I did a bit of research on the lcoation we were meeting at, as running into a trap wasn’t high on my weekend activity list, but the only recent thing i could find was very recent, apparently since late morning there has been a centaur seen wandering around the area, which I found a bit unusual, but I dressed appriately when I went home. After tea and a few hours of flixonnet I called a taxi, who arrived almost immediately and I jumped in, all ready to go. The taxi driver was friendly, and the drive was ok. After paying the taxi driver I got out and headed inside almost 11pm on the dot.

While I quietly waited for the others I checked the net and found a cute story about a little girl wanting to ride the centaur that had been in the area earlier on in the day, and the centaur telling her that it wasn’t likely, and by the time i had written a comment about it (it was a very cute little girl, how could you say no) everyone else had turned up, and Richard came forward and thanked everyone for coming.  He then gave a bit of a rundown for what i had missed last week and my second thoughts kicked back in big time. They had accidently murdered someone with automatic laser beams, so about this time i started looking around nervously, but this place was the dump it seemed to be. No automatic lasers reared their ugly heads, not that I knew what they looked like but this is the sort of stuff i need to learn. From what Richard said they had had tea at a certain secret base, and someone came around snooping and the automatic defences sliced him into kibble before you could say “omg he’s been sliced to kibble”

Right then Richards phone rang, and he sort of smiled when he hung up and said that the meeting will have to wait as there is an attack going down on an attempted armoured car heist that was in progress at the time relatively nearby, and sent everybody the co-ordinates to our phones, and this straight away showed our first weakness. We immediately went our seperate ways to get to the mission point. I’m no tactical genius but immediately splitting up to get there on our own seems like a stupid way of doing it, but i didn’t say anything as i’m the noob. The cute little old lady piled into her awesomely cool retro hovercar, and the one that i took to be a sociopath joined her (I think they are related, like brother and sister). The sword wielding killer guy flew, so did that er really hot chick that i helped when that creepy little kid tried to talk to her. I called another taxi, who took barely 20 seconds to arrive and jumped in. He looked at me but oddly but I told him to get in front of the constantly updating co-ordinates and gave him a fitty, and boy did he drive. We zipped down side streets and even went the wrong way up a one way street briefly. When we got there he was like ‘this is obviously your gig, im outta here’ and did a reverse 180 and was gone. We had come out from a side lane that had a bar that was still open, its neon lights adding bright colours to the street, where due the noise of may horns beeping and armoured car that was roaring up the street towards me I couldn’t make out the music that was playing, Then I noticed the ArCar had nasty looking insectoid robots clinging to it and trying to cut their way in. Sparks flew from the gouges they were making in the vehicle while Captain Murderyouwithasword was flying around, chopping and and with main strength breaking apart robots, just like Ms TotallyMarvellous, Thats an m a r v e l l o u s. I heard the crack crack crack of Gunz’r’us putting bullets into them and the sweet old lady was offering them tea, scones and dismemberment and then ripping out their steel spines. I didn’t know what the sociopath was doing but he had an evil smile on his face that scared me more than the bad guys, who their happened to be 2 of. What should we call them, The Duo of Darknes, nah that sounded lame, and while I contemplated that the ArCar started making that groaning noise metal makes just before its rips apart and came to a sparking and metal rending halt, with the bugbots mostly falling off. Things now started looking grim for the old lady as 4 of the bugbots attacked her, except that she then seemed to decide to stop playing and then started smashing them up for real, ripping the leg of one, and smashing the face off another with said limb. Captain Dismemberment and the others attempted apprehending the bad guys controlling them, if breaking apart the atomic bonds of their being and spreading them aerosol like through the atmosphere is apprehending. I’d swear the evil professor sociopath went up to where the bad guy had been aerosol’d and started to breathe him in. Best bit was my gun told me its name, did i mention, my gun has a name and sort of talks, but when I said its name i changeg and got a whole lot stronger, and the scene became a whole let less dangerous feeling. The gun was warm in my hand and I had loaded it this time, so i even shot at one of the bugbots causing grief, but I was peripheral to the peripherals and the whole scene had been pretty much handled by the time i did anything/got there. Since I was poor as hell i gathered the scrap I could from the 13 robot bits i could find after i checked that the drivers were ok, which they mostly were. As the ArCar had been ripped open we also decided to have a quick look at the contents, which happened to be a metal strongbox about 1.5 metres across with the name Korashi Technics written on the side. By this time the authorities were starting to get pretty close so we split up again and headed back to the meeting point, to try and have the meeting we were supposed to have had.

When we get back the first thing i tell Richard is that our method of transportation leaves much to be desired, and since he was sponsoring us would he be able to find a vehicle that can transport us all at the same time, maybe a bigger version of the hover vehicle, and maybe have some medical and tech goodies on board to help us on our way.


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  1. My Techno-Can is a bit rusty, but it seems as if Alex/ Covenant has a very honest perspective on the group and their actions. I really enjoyed his simple intentions for continuing to work with them.

  2. Up until that I actually had not killed anyone as a hero. Ugh, if that’s what the teammates think of me, yeeesh! #SadPanda
    Great log, rough read until I highlighted the white area. Great concept!

    1. Alex is still a student, and im trying to play him as such so casually lopping peoples arms off disturbs him a bit.
      He’ll get used to it.

  3. FYI, we were in Jake’s Volvo, not the hovercar. Love the different approach, and his analysis of this group may be the most accurate in the group. Also love the hidden translation.

    1. I liked the description that you gave of the hovercar and that stuck in my mind, even though you definitely did use the Volvo, and as alex knows next to nothing about Carl and his powers he wasn’t even sure if he was part of the group.

  4. GunZ’R’Us…He’s been called worse…I like though…and yes…he has LOTS of GunZ…and firearms as well.

    It was a rough read, but I played Ursus, so I just had to adjust the phonics a little and then I understood it completely.

    I didn’t get the white space at first, I don’t read other comments until I read the log. That just filled in some of the crazier substitutions.

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