Bad Memory or Absent Minded? : Tales From a Bumbling Horse

Bad Memory or Absent Minded? : Tales From a Bumbling Horse

“Alright computer man. Is this thing on? When do I start.” Hank talks to the robotic disembodied voice. “It is recording sir. Please continue recalling the events as you see fit,” the robotic voice returns.  Hank does not stop on the recording. He continues at length discussing the reasoning for the recordings and how this is supposedly required for a future movie deal that could never occur. Finally, Hank starts back up.


So I was told I needed to go to this funeral for some lady’s brother. Victor made a big deal about this. I got all prepped to get out and make an appearance. When I arrived the pain was unbearable, so when I saw this guy drinking from a flask, I decided to ask him for a drink and he got weirded out and handed me the whole flask. I thanked him and headed towards a Victor glaring and giving me a hard time for my injuries. One of the heroes for the super team we were supposed to be joining showed up and offered me a lift. He had a hard time carrying me, but he tried so that counts I guess. Then robot guy Kai rose me up like Josh Groban said in his song. From here Victor and I could see the funeral session. There was this old lady and a bunch of the people walked up and talked with her. There was sword guy, army guy, and random kid with rifle in public areas kid. Everyone sat together. People were talking and reminiscing. Many people gave a speech. Even Victor did. I don’t think he knew the guy, because he never really talked about him before. Anyhow things finish up and the chief police guy talked with suit man and sword man. Apparently this group, Savior, is taking over being the main super group in town. The people standing around us got excited. Even Victor got excited. That’s when we broke off and headed to the wake at the old lady’s house.


When we arrived at the house everyone started talking about something, but I had to use the bathroom. So I went in. The old lady was shocked that I was the first to enter. We talked for a bit and then the group came in and talked to her. She talked with people and then got a phone call. She went to her room and a “green light” apparently and then she was gone. Sword guy talked about some possible reasons why and people nodded in agreement. I had no clue what we were talking about so I nodded to. That’s when people started to leave. I went with Victor to Tecate’s office and we got the shirts with Sword guy. We then went to the secret base. It’s under some fountain at a place with kids. Then people start talking a bit, I’m not sure if I really fit, but then they reassure me. Oh did I mention we got food? I can’t remember where it was, it was some diner with this lady who was down on her luck. I made sword guy eat breakfast with me and his teenage daughter. Then Victor got scared of the cats on her shirt. So he tried to get away, but we stopped him. Sorry so that was good. I ate a bunch. Oh and then I got to meet you too robot voice.


So then after that, we tried to decide what to do. We thought the diner lady needed a better way of living. Okay it was mostly me, but people started thinking about it. I wouldn’t mind some real powers. People think I have powers because they say I am strong, but if I can do it so easy, is that really a power?


So I went with the one that keeps changing into little girls and centaur people, and others to find out about getting powers from this doctor guy. There was also mention of a dealer. I guess we need to go to the casino after the doctors. Let’s see where this goes. How do you go to the bathroom? Do robots pee?



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