Следователь на Небесах

I floated above the world and watched as the darkness began to grow. First it was only in a small corner of the body. Later it began to spread to the entire body before it began taking over. Not at all times, but at least once in a while.

This time, I could see the evil that he perpetrated both within and without the body. He was bringing his darkness not only to the body but to the city. My fear was that he, this god of Death, Thanatos himself, would inflict his darkness upon the entire world if given the time. So far, he had been able to hide his darkness, but not from me.

I didn’t know why I was able to see him and The Beast could not. It could be that he saw The Beast as a threat, but he hadn’t yet even noticed me. More the fool him.

Remembering the hotel that had had been seen by Black Phantom, I moved from my cloud kingdom into that space. Strangely it reminded me of a scene from a movie that I had seen through the eyes of Carl. It was the recreation of the scene from The Shining in Ready Player One…I guess the best way to put it would be that I was in the scene from The Shining, without the additional inclusiveness.

I walked down that hallway past the perpetually locked room 237 to the rooms that contained my friends…family…selves..? The others thought of us as alters, so maybe that was the best way to think about it. I would have to think about another time.

I drew my flaming sword as I approached the patch of darkness that hid Thanatos’ door. I took a deep breath and swung the sword at the door, only to watch it shatter the moment it touched the swirling shadows.

This would take something more than a mere projection from my mind. This would take something that could reach out into the living world. Within me I felt the seed of a thought, a kernel of power. It would take time, it would take energy, and it would change everything if I truly fed this core within myself.

Change is destructive, and for now, I needed a little destruction in my life. With a roar I began feeding energy into my soul. Tiny nubs began to rip their way through the muscles on my back.

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