Assassin Dolls – S01E09

Assassin Dolls – S01E09

A clock on the wall ticks over to 8:50. The wall appears to be part of a traditional Japanese room with paper supported by a frame of wood. Men in suits are standing around the room with their hands tucked into their jackets. They are wearing sunglasses and somber expressions.

The Kenzuo, the businessman, is pacing from one end of the room to the other and periodically looking up at the clock.

“Where is she,” he mutters to himself. There is a sound from outside and he looks up at one of the men surrounding him. “Take four men with you and figure out what’s happening out here.”

The man bows and then gestures to four other men. They leave the room almost soundlessly. Kenzuo begins pacing again. Not a minute later gunshots ring out. There is a cry of pain, and then another. More gunshots sound followed by a squelching noise and then nothing.

The door to the room opens revealing the man that was put in charge of the other bodyguards.

“Is it done? Amy I safe?” Kenzuo asks only to watch the man fall into the room. A knife is sticking out from his back and a pool of blood begins to spread.

The scene cuts to the Alices lying in the darkness outside the compound. They are about to move when the sound of gunshots rings out. It seems to be the same number and pattern of gunshots from the previous scene. They look at each other and then without another word, or sound, they sprint across the grass in between the distracted guards.

They enter the building and race down the hallway. They see the man fall into the room from the outside and see a small shadow behind where the man was standing. The Alice on the right throws a knife at the shadow, only to have the shadow leap out of the way.

The small figure lands in the light coming from the other room revealing that it is Hikari.

“Alice is always Weak!” she screams and begins moving toward the pair. They split apart, moving to opposite sides of the hallway. Hikari leaps toward the one on the left while throwing a knife at the one on the right. The Alice on the left grins for a moment before Hikari draws another knife and slashes down at her.

The Right Alice slips out of the way of the thrown knife and dashes toward where Hikari will be when she lands. Left Alice brings up her knife to parry. The knives make contact, but Hikari uses the contact point to move behind Left Alice while spinning to face her. She drops her knife and grabs onto Left Alice’s arms, holding her in the path of Right Alice’s knife.

Right Alice drops into a slide and slashes at Hikari’s ankle, leaving a deep cut behind. Hikari wrenches Left Alice across the path of Right Alice’s slide and the two tangle up together. While they’re trying to free themselves, Hikari stabs Left Alice in the back.

She’s smiling as the knife descends only to have it glance off something under the other girl’s clothing.

“You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you, Hikari?” Right Alice says.

A gun goes off and the front of Right Alice’s head explodes. Left Alice is covered in gore and just looking around in shock.

There is another Alice standing at the end of the hallway. “Hikari, if you’re done playing with your toys, can we get back to the mission?” Left Alice begins to rise and Gun Alice fires again. There is a spray of gore out from the back of Left Alice’s head and her body drops to the floor.

The two girls walk into the well lit room, and the body guards pull their guns out and begin firing at the girls. They fly out from the room as the bullets hit them in the body. The men continue firing, bullets putting holes in the paper and wood of the wall until they run out of bullets.

Kenzuo let’s out a sigh of relief until a shot rings out and one of the bodyguards goes down. They are looking around when another shot fells another bodyguard. Hikari and Alice step back into the room, guns in each hand, alternating shots between the guns. Within seconds (shown in slowmo in the anime) all of the bodyguards are taken out and blood is pooling on the floor.

Kenzuo sticks up his hands and says, “We can negotiate, right girls?”

They are raising their weapons and then we get a focused shot of the clock. The time is 8:59 and the second hand is ticking up past the 11 on the clock. It hits the 12 and the clock ticks over to 9:00 followed by a chime through the house.

“It seems I’ve survived yet again,” we hear the voice of Kenzuo say. The screen goes black and then we hear the sound of another gunshot.

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