Assassin Dolls – S01E08

Assassin Dolls – S01E08

A small figure moves through the shadows of an upscale commercial building. She’s wearing dark blue, or it could just be anime coloring and is supposed to be black. She moves stealthily through the corridors and up the stairs with a purpose.

She enters the twenty-eighth floor, which is dark except for a few emergency lights. Again she moves with purpose across the floor toward an office of the far side when a shot rings out breaking the silence. Without turning the small figure begins to talk.

“Hello, Angel. I expected you fourteen floors ago.”

“I do my best not to be predictable.”

“Too bad for you, it isn’t enough,” Alice says as she turns and takes off her balaclava.

“I’m the one with a gun, Alice. I win this round.”

“Is that what you think?”

“When are you going to stop trying to get to the eighth row, Alice. You’re still just a pawn, so you should die like a pawn.”

“Even a pawn can take a bishop under the right circumstances, Angel,” Alice says with a smile. “We both take other pieces off the board in the same manner, I just have to do it from a shorter range.”

“Yes, but I’m behind you, Alice. This is my capture,” Angel said and raised the gun to fire. “Goodbye, Alice. Maybe you’ll make it farther the next time.”

The gun went off…and hit the monitor behind where Alice had been standing. Before Angel could react to the change in circumstance, Alice was flying through the air, her foot connecting to Angel’s still outstretched hand. Whether from shock or the force of the blow, the gun went flying from the older girl’s grip.

Alice pulled the gun from her waistband and pointed it at Angel.

“I’m tired of being a pawn in this game, Angel. Tell me where the Spider is hiding and I’ll shoot you in somewhere you don’t need, but will kill you eventually. Refuse and I shoot you in the head.”

“You can’t do this. You have to follow orders like the rest of us.”

“Really?” Alice says as she shoots Angel in the right shoulder.

The older girl cries out in pain and grabs her ruined shoulder with her left hand.

“Funny thing about orders, Angel, I know something you don’t want anyone else to know. I know that you’re working for both sides. Whether you were originally part of Spider’s batch, or were originally part of Crane’s, you’re the only one on the field. One of you killed the other and are acting for both sides.”

“How..?” Angel begins only be cut off by Alice. “You’re missing the scar on your right hand. I have a memory from only a year ago of one of you having a scar on your right hand. It’s a bit scattered so I don’t remember which of you it was, but I know it was one of you two, and since you all start at the same age as the rest of us…”

Angel begins to laugh. “Not that it matters now,” she says, “since I’m about to die.”

“Well, one way, they are going to be able to back you up and you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes. The other way, and you’ll be clueless as to how you died. Which do you prefer, Angel.”

Angel sits for a minute or two looking up at the cold eyes of Alice before she begins to speak, “I’ll tell you where he is.”

Men with guns wander around a wooded compound. They are wearing night-vision goggles and radios. They check in periodically, stating that everything is clear. There are spotlights sweeping the grass between the woods and the buildings. A few patrols have dogs with them.

In some particularly dark shadows, two small figures can be barely seen lying on the grass and looking toward the compound. In the brief glare of a spotlight passing over the depressing they are lying in we see that both girls look like Alice. One of the two Alices looks at the other and grins.

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