Assassin Dolls – S01E07

Assassin Dolls – S01E07

This episode is a retrospective episode with a twist. Generally, you get the characters doing something pointless, like going on a summer holiday, and then show scenes that have happened in the past as they catch an audience that might be late to the series up with the current episode being shown. Normally, it is sometime during the second season that they would do this.

Once again, assassin dolls decides to throw us for a loop, and just after the previous one that they pulled in episode 6.

Scenes play out starting from the first one at the beginning of the series. The perspective, however is different than the one that we got at the beginning. The quality is also a bit lower than we’ve experienced in the past. The sound is slight tinny, and there is a grainy quality to the images that we’re not used to. It follows the timeline for the series as originally shown with some notable exceptions. The Goth Loli killing happens the night that Alice was taken into the clinic. Also, the killing with Alice being hit by the car happens after Alice was given the picture by Hikari and told to kill the Spider King. Some of the scenes are a little longer, showing reactions by people we haven’t seen, but just emphasise the feeling that was present the first time through.

After a run down of the entire series so far, minus the flashbacks from episode 6, there is a final, different scene.

The room is well lit with a long table down the center. The walls and table are varying shades of white, while the chairs are red. An older woman in a traditional Japanese outfit in blue, black, and gold is sitting at the head of the table staring at a cell phone. The scene changes to a shot over her shoulder showing one of the scenes that we saw earlier in the episode.

The angle changes again, framing her in the scene. We hear the sound of chairs being moved and people settling into the chairs. She looks directly into the camera and smiles.

“It would seem that the Kings have once again begun moving their pieces across the board.”

“What would you have us do about them, Queen Arachne?” a male voice asks from off camera.

“Do? Why, nothing of course. Let them have their fun, and while they do, we will move in and accomplish something neither of them, even with their amazing intelect, has yet been able to accomplish.”

She waited for a moment for someone to ask the question. When no one did, she grinned a truly terrifying grin, “We take over.”

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