Assassin Dolls – S01E05

Assassin Dolls – S01E05

Alice stands in a dark park underneath a lamp. There’s a small scar under her eye from the paintball pellet in the meadow. She’s wearing a hoodie and shorts. She has her hands pulled into the sleeves of the hoodie and is blowing into her hands.

She looks around herself periodically and checks her watch frequently. When the time hits 9:24 she steps out into the road in front of a car. She goes flying down the road after the impact and rolls as soon as she hits the road. Her right arm is at a strange angle and a pool of blood is beginning to form around her body.

The man who was driving the car gets out and runs to the body of the girl. He is talking about how she came out of nowhere and how he never wanted to hurt her. He gets up next to her and rolls her onto her back.

She points the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. He collapses on top of her. She pulls her phone out from between the two of them and dials a number. “Mission accomplished.” she said in to the phone and then her eyes glaze over and she drops the phone into the pool of their mingled blood.

Alice wakes up and gets dressed in her room in the clinic. She walks out into the dining room where the TV is playing again. The news announcer said as she comes in, “Again, or top story. Mitosuri Sobaki is wanted in conjunction with a hit and run. Footage of him striking and killing a young girl was sent into numerous stations early this morning. His office has stated that he is missing, but contacts in the police are saying that he is just running from justice.”

Alice mostly ignores the TV and finishes her breakfast. When she finishes Aina wipes her smooth cheeks and sends her out to play.  The issue with the proctor hasn’t yet been resolved so Alice has not been going to school yet.

She spends the morning wandering about the neighborhood, talking to cats and dogs, smiling at old ladies, and generally acting like a little girl. As the sun goes up in the sky she makes her way to a local park and sits down on the swings.

After a couple of minutes she says, “Do they have another target for me, Hikari?”

Hikari moves out of the bushes pouting. “Did you know I was there, or did you guess?”

“Just like I knew that you killed the proctor, I knew you were in the bushes,” Alice says. Her face is suddenly serious and she no longer looks like the little girl she has always appeared to be.

“You’re just guessing.”

“The poison I gave him takes a minimum of eighteen hours to metabolize. He died on the tracks at 6:56 PM from the footage they showed on the news. That was just under seven hours after I administered the poison.”

The banter keeps going back and forth with Alice continuing to get the upper hand with logic while Hikari just gets more and more angry. Eventually Hikari throws a picture at Alice and says, “He’s your target. You have two days before he has to be dead. The King has decreed that he will die no later than nine pm on Thursday.”

The picture laying on the ground is showing the face of the businessman, the one who seems to have been in control of everything.

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  1. I would say there are better ways to “acquire” your target, but steeping out in front of their cars is by far the most brutal I’ve ever seen.

    1. If the goal is simply to kill them, then yes, there are better ways, but as this was as much a character assassination as an actual one…

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