Assassin Dolls – S01E04

Assassin Dolls – S01E04

“Will there be anything else for you, Hitoshi-senpai?” A blonde woman says as she sets a tea set on the desk of Mr. Hitoshi. He says no and she bows and walks out through the door. He is sitting there looking at a balance sheet and moving numbers from one place to another.

He looks at the clock and shakes his head. It is showing eleven thirty and he turns back to the computer. “There’s no choice,” he says. He logs onto his bank account and makes a transfer of thirty million dollars to another account.

He shuts off his computer and leans back in his chair. He is sitting there in the darkness, his eyes closed. After a minute or two, he prepares and then begins to sip his tea. His eyes are closed and he is revelling in the taste.

When he finishes a cup, he reaches for the set to begin preparing another, but his hand falls to the table. The door opens and closes and the woman walks back in. “Angel, help me. I can’t move.”

“I have a message from the Spider King,” she says as she walks in.

“What are you talking about? How do you know the assassin master?”

Angel smiles at him as his head falls to the side, his neck muscles no longer reacting to his conscious control.

“Don’t you think it was strange that a woman who matched your specific requirements as an assistant would show up at the exact moment you needed her…by which I mean me?”

“You’ve been here for four years. I only heard about the Spider King last year.”

“That wasn’t coincidence either, Hitoshi-senpai. He has controlled this entire situation. Your rival was slated for destruction long before you were introduced to the Spider King. Your only reason for being included was for the money you would pay for your rival’s death. The money you did not pay promptly on time.”

“I’ll do better next time,” he began to plead. “I hear his message. I’ll…” and then his jaw fell open, and his eyes went wide.

“I never said that the message was for you,” Angel says and walks out through the door.

A news article begins playing on a TV. It’s talking about the two men who died in relation to the Morel International Group. One was murdered in front of his girlfriend. The other died of an apparent drug overdose. The report went on to explain that the Morel International Group was also implicated in government corruption and that some major figures in government were probably involved.

As the report was playing on the screen, the screen shifted from one shadowy group to another. Each had a note on their desk. At the top of the note was a stylized picture of a spider with a golden crown. It had a channel and time listed on it below the spider.

The groups were varied and nothing seemed to be linking any of them other than the card on each of the desks. Finally it shifted to the office of the Spider King, the businessman that we’d seen previously.

Angel walked in and stood beside the man from the shadows previously. The Spider King smiled at the two of them. Then the report finally ended, after it had repeated the specific report a number of times.

“Everything is falling into place,” the businessman says.

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  1. A channel and a time on the card? Is that a meta reference to the airing of the show, or some other clue to the mysteries?

    1. It’s clarified here, so that’s good enough for me! In a visual medium it would’ve been able to be made very clear.

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